Rolling Wrestling Thread


better late than never I guess. shame it’s happened with ambrose out for so long, might never get that club vs shield match

great match between the samoan joes this week too.


Raw seemed like a great show from what I’ve read


it’s worth a watch yeah. if only for a cracking rendition of auld lang syne by elias & the miztourage


Wreeeeeeeeestle Kingdom 12 in the morning champs
I’ll be in work so probably just refreshing results pages but probably going to be two or three MOTY candidates off the bat tbqh

Actually might hold off on the last two matches to keep it a surprise

Lets go Kenny
Lets go Kenny


God is it actually on Thursday? Fuck, nevermind

In good WWE News: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the Rumble in a Handicap match



I’m going with Naito as the new champ, LiJ has overtaken the Bullet Club as most popular stable in Japan off his irksome cool-heelness and as brilliant as Okada is his reign’s been long as fuck. Time for him to chase.

Kenny over Jericho, but again if Jericho sticks around it can only be good for NJPW. He does seem to be really into it…

Switchblade over Tanahashi because the old man’s broken and why the hell is it happening otherwise

Ibushi over Cody now he doesn’t have to lose

Ticking Time Bomb to win the four way and hopefully dance with Darryl the Cat

Evil and Sanada are booked far too strong right now not to win the tag belts from Killer Elite Squad

Suzuki winning the hair match with Goto because nobody on earth can seriously force Minoru Suzuki to shave his hair.

Young Bucks to lose but then Bullet Club to win the trio gauntlet to keep them looking strong.

Other things


gonna try and avoid spoilers and watch it at the weekend. naito-okada should be a stonker, really looking forward to the junior heavyweight 4 way too


Yeah should have some incredible spots tbh even if it lacks psychology. Feel a bit for the English lads mind they do seem to be in there to just to eat a loss.


Off tomorrow so will probably try and eat h the main events live, 7am start… how long is it usually? 6/7 hours? So main events around lunch?


Yeah the first hour will be their jobber rumble, more or less the same as the Andre battle royale but somehow worse
The proper card will be 4/5 hours after that, so expect the last two matches from maybe half 11 to 12


And yeah as Jamos says if you do get up a bit earlier that fatal 4 way with Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Time Bomb and Kushida will be bloody exciting


Might watch the rumble before work. Hope billy Gunn returns


Billy Gunn is probably the only lock :joy:


billy gunn, cheeseburger, and a bunch of dads.


Any guess of where on the card that will be roughly?


Probably fourth from last, so like 10-10:30


Ok well I need to go out for an hour at 10 so we will see! I’ll just catch up after if not