Rolling Wrestling Thread


christ. everything about that picture is nuts but SMILING SPECTRE OF BENOIT is horrific


Really don’t see how people can separate Benoit’s body of work from his mental illness, and ergo his horrific murders.


I kind of can, because I was able to for a while (until I made the mistake of watching the backlash after mania 20 that was in edmonton, with his victims in the front row), in the sense that you can put it out of your mind and just watch a match for what it is. the fact that someone is able to ignore that shit to the extent that they’re happily knocking up some fan art for him is fucking insane though


Do you know what bothers me most about the picture …
the quotation marks


Rumble time is almost here so it’s now time for me to start paying attention.

I’ve not watched a full RAW or PPV since the night after Wrestlemania soooo… anything I need to know? Who is likely to be in contention for the Rumble?


It’s just like, every headbutt, every stiff suplex, I can’t but think well that’s another concussion then and sort of just think he’s more of a knobhead





They’re not going to do it AGAIN, are they?


Roman Reigns is going to win the Royal Rumble and beat Lesnar clean at Wrestlemania after being the first person to kick out of an F5 for fucking ages. It’s going to go down like a lead balloon but I will watch it none the less.


Must be Nakamura. Surely.


I mean honestly I don’t think anyone else is in a position to win other than Braun and Braun is in the title match


oh yeah I totally get that, I’m the same way now. there’s a ladder match with jericho I think where he does a suicide dive straight into a chair shot that was hard to watch at the time but in retrospect, jesus christ


Think Nakamura is yer boy. Reigns/Lesnar will happen as a result of Reigns winning Elimination Chamber


I don’t think he’ll win the rumble but can deffo see him beating reigns (and I will love every minute of it)


tbf Randy Orton was hardly in the position last year


That’s the one I always think of because it’s an amazing match but holy FUCK


Yeah, fair enough


That was silly wasn’t it, remember the maggots in the 'mania match? Lol.


The first time that happened it was cool though, it’s just by the third it was a total joke (and the match SUCKED)


“How am I doing boss?”