Rolling Wrestling Thread


Reigns coming out as a surprise 31st entrant to eliminate Shinsuke
The internet would explode


Hahah OMG that’s a great shout :joy:


What about the women’s one, Ronda Rousey to turn up and win it? Steph to out herself in as a competitor? Returns from who? Beth Phoenix? Trish? Nia Jaxx to do a Kane?


I say this every year I know but c’mon guys the Big Show is 500 pounds! There’s no way he can lose!!


this time


Woman’s one? Surely there’s not enough women in WWE to do one?


Nia Jax


Aja Kong is wrestling in the UK soon, maybe she’ll do that too. Or Khama. Use one of them to build asuka further


Could be literally anyone, it’s all just pomp, they don’t actually give a shit


I’d be very surprised if Askua isn’t winning that


Remember when Big Show won the Rumble but didn’t win the rumble because the rocks feet hit the floor a full second before Shows. Listening to Smackdown Crawl and them constantly going nuts over Big Show’s acceptance of his number 1 contenders match when he clearly won the rumble is killing me :smiley:


she’s 300 pounds! there’s no way she can lose!!


Askua is getting the belt before the rumble. Thats my hot prediction


The whole “the big girl likes Enzo LOL” is so Vince. Just fucking go away.


There’s 21 on the main roster but I guess the champs won’t be there so 19, plus about 5/6 NXT and legends and you’ve got 30. I’m surprised they’re doing 30 rather than 20 but either way it’s funny people are “declaring” because it’s pretty much a given everyone available will be in it


Literally just chyna & Eddie but shit


They got a pretty deep womans roster now. And they just had a womans tournament which they could use to debut names and maybe even debut an nxt or two


She’s “declared” and is cutting Rumble promos now so I don’t think so but MAYBE


Chyna/Eddie was never good.


The fuck?!