Rolling Wrestling Thread




Struggling to think of who they’ll get for surprises in the male rumble. Maybe they’ll get Billy Gunn too!!!


CM Punk, who will win. And face Brock Lesnar in a shoot UFC fight as the sub main event to The Rock Vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania


normally everyone predicts shelton but he’s there anyway sooooooooooo idk, carlito? (genuinely would love carlito to eliminate cena tbf)


Imagine how much money that would make


Why don’t they want to make money


As long as they come out to this


Oh yeah there’ll be the Big Match John spot running in and eliminating loads of people. Whoever eliminates him will probably be his Mania match. Hope it’s Maven.


rusev would be good if bmj fancies putting someone over this year


Could see built-for-comfort Chris Hero making a debut


give him back his tank ffs


I think Rusev might be 4th Fav or so. But also probably will be Daniel Bryan’d


They haven’t really bothered with “surprises” for a while though, last year it was Tye Dillinger (which everyone knew was coming) and… Mark Henry


As I said quite far now upthread, if this was 1998/1999 Rusev’d be winning it and the rocket would be firmly strapped on. They could make a major, major star by building on his pop by the Spring, but he’s not American so waaah


Oh no!


Yeah that’d be biiiig.




*The Miz dressed as


For real though, The Great Khali will be a surprise entrant


Oh yeah Jinder will make a 20 minute stint look like the most strenuous activity of all time
Time might fold in on itself