Rolling Wrestling Thread


Saw an argument being made for Miz winning the Rumble. It will never happen but imagine :heart_eyes:


The time was right last year, not so much this year


More Angle/Trips shenanigans perhaps?



Oh just realised how fun Samoa Joe will be this year. Quite a few people will be getting a smack.


ricochet will be available to work for them in a couple of weeks according to melty so maybe he could be a surprise entrant? assuming they don’t bung him down in nxt


Maybe Cillian Dain as he was pushed at ATG battle royal and war games and is a big lad


Actually thats an excellent shout

Samoa Joe Vs Lesnar 1 is one of the best matches Brock’s been in recently and a bigger and better sequel could be on the cards as Samoa is still being pushed hard.


Is he definitely going? I’d certainly hope he’d get NXT and not… 205 live shudder


Oh yeah he’s almost definitely NXT bound.


It will be later though, I reckon Joe will relieve reigns of the IC title by before Mania


Hadnt heard that, very exciting!


Who would be the funniest wrestler that if they did a fart during their entrance and made their ring attire do a little visible puff thing as a result? Samoa Joe would be right up there imo.


One or both of the ascention


big e, as he’s doing his dance


Bobby Roode during the bit where his back is to the camera for the Glorious bit.


To the Stein thread lads


kalisto when he does his trampoline thing, giving him a boost and making him overshoot the ring


Very, VERY funny


Legitimately giggling a lot at “giving him a boost”