Rolling Wrestling Thread


Suzuki lost, did the honourable thing, sat in a chair in the ring and shaved his own head <3


Need a cigarette after that flippy 4-way


The Miz is the worst gimmick of the last fifteen years.


Ospreay’s shooting star plancha is something else, but fucking hell he’s going to kill himself


Rikishi to return for the Rumble and Stinkface Roman Reigns. You heard it here first.


Watching wrestling live at this time sure does beat staying up til the early hours.


You meant best right, easy mistake


Holy shit Omega cosplay :astonished:


Jericho vs Omega. YEP



Worse ways to spend 40 mins


Was it decent?


Does anyone else love how fucking stupid this is?


It’s great. Jericho’s character work is fantastic as an unhinged heel, disrespecting everything and everyone - it hearkens straight back to his last run in Japan in the 90s. Omega is being the most athletic wrestler in the world as per and the story of the match is very good indeed.


Definitely worth a watch man, it’s great


Anybody watch New Japan’s New Years Dash?
Looks like we’ve got a few decent matches to look forward to!


I only just woke up? :smiley: what’s on deck?




Just read the results. Bullet Club happenings sound interesting but Christ I didn’t know how many members were in it now


Kinda always been the case no?