Rolling Wrestling Thread


Jeff Jarrett was a member at some point wasn’t he?





Jeff Jarrett cming out on an elephant while Tennessee Lee does his spiel is hilarious


LOL probably




just finished wrestle kingdom, great show but maybe not quite up to the standard of the last couple? gauntlet match was bollocks, and, although decent, maybe the NEVER & IC title matches went a bit longer than necessary. everything else was good to great though. the 4 way lived up to expectations and y2j was in top form. not the result I wanted from the main event but can’t complain too much after a banger match like that


Think Cody/Ibushi, the 4-way and the last two bouts more or less hit it out of the park. Really glad Jericho’s staying on for a little while, seems like the extra step up NJPW needs.


I do wonder what’s next for Okada though.


Meltzer claiming Richochet & War Machine are now officially signed to the Fed btw


yeah, the best singles cody match ever i think. not his biggest fan but fair play, really raised his game there. obvs ibushi is the best but it’s not like he carried him.

agree about okada, he’s beaten everyone now so I dunno who’s left. it’s been maybe the best title reign in history in terms of match quality, tough ask for him to keep going at this level for much longer.


Actually by the sounds of it Jericho is away back home, he’s judt planted seeds for future stuff, possibly this time next year


Ahhh okay, that makes sense. I think even as an example of how to play the field and truly be an “independent” contractor in WWE and NJ he’s set a great example. Hope more do the same.


Very few would be able to do the same unfortunetely, Jericho is in a very lucky posistion


Was going to say this. How many others are there that WWE would be happy to see switching between them and other promotions.


Really think the brutal, bitter (if scaled back slightly), Japan-hating Jericho would go down a treat if he returned and feuded with Nakamura, or even Balor.



This photo is everything


this is the most pure thing ever:


This is probably TOO nerdy and smarky and postmodern but the Jericho/Omega podcast the two did the day after their Wrestle Kingdom match is really, really interesting and if you have a spare hour/can listen in work I’d heartily recommend. Some incredibly detailed insider stuff even going down to how they planned certain social media stuff. Not least that New Japan first offered Lance Storm the commentating job thinking he was Don Callis :joy:

Also the way the two genuinely gush over each other at the end, especially the gratitude Jericho shows for what he clearly believes is one of the matches of his career is really heartwarming.