Rolling Wrestling Thread


nice, will listen to this tomorrow. the one he did the week before with don callis was good too. apparently they originally wanted bret hart so kenny had to talk them out of that, then they ended up giving the job to lance by accident :smiley:


The story of it in this episode is hilarious, Gedo had absolutely no idea who Don is


Thanks for posting this, really interesting, now re-watching the match with this in mind


Holy shit PWinsider is reporting Paige is done. Or at least WWE won’t clear her after this injury. Heartbreaking if true man, she went through a pretty rough year or two there to make her way back (plus I’m obviously always going to be a bit of a Paige mark being from Norwich)


:frowning: sad


ah man, that’s shit if true. I reckon the company would find another on screen role for her even if she can’t wrestle but still, it’s a real shame


Is the Paige film coming out soon?


September, apparently:


do you think they’ll do a cheeky last minute cut for her retirement?


looks like ec3 is on his way back to the fed. he’s consistently been one of the best things on the show on the rare occasions I watch impact, hope it works out for him


I know that after the Woken Matt saga Impact have given all talent full ownership of their intellectual property going forward, but it’ll be interesting to see if EC3 remains exactly the same given how it’s basically a piss take of Dixie’s privileged family. I mean it’s one thing when it’s connected to the promotion they (formally) owned, but in wwe…
I’m sure he’ll keep the general character of an arrogant elitist anyway but we’ll see.


Awesome :smiley:


Goldberg’s going in as the HOF headliner then, which I guess means Taker’s not quite done yet


He’s meant to be wrestling cena this year

For SOME FUCKING REASON. Not even going to bother watching the taker match. It’s just become the pissbreak for me at this point


What injury has Paige got? Seen the clip, has she broken her back or something?

She’s great. Alexa Bliss is probably the most sort of fully-formed female wrestler/character i reckon, but Paige seemed really sort of unorthodox stylewise, if that even makes sense.

Not a huge fan of how the public judge her in relation to some of the stuff away from the ring. Lots of the absolute legends of male wrestling were/are celebrated warts and all and some of the stuff they’ve done’s horrific. Quite a few have killed people, ffs.


Neck injury. The same kind that edge had. It’s not an issue as long as she stops but continuing could lead to paralysis.


Still doesn’t feel like that long ago that his match was more or less guaranteed to be the high point of a WM card.


I read yesterday that Paige has Scollosis (i.e an incorrectly shaped spine) so I’m guess this what looks innocuous injury is related to that


CM Punk was the last good one which was 2013. He should have retired when Lesnar beat him.


nah that’s a big match, and what everyone wanted last year, Cena/crowd can/will carry him