Rolling Wrestling Thread





Could’ve kept it as No Way Out tbf
Hold on is the match itself called No Escape in Germany too?


they also had the current altrincham keeper signed to nxt for a bit


In Germany it did continue to be called No Way Out… until No Way Out came back.

And yes it’s called the No Escape match:


Because it is boring. Not boring because it goes two hours though, boring because it’s a pretty bad match, drawn out over two hours.


I think Chris Hero actually did some sort of gauntlet match that might have gone 3 hours too.


Gargano vs Almas career vs title last night looked… emotional

Bit wary of spoilers so would say just go watch it first


Can’t be fooked watching a three hour raw but reading the results it looked like there was literally nothing storyline wise. Just long matches? Seems weird on the show before a PPV


Yeah it was a taped a few weeks ago so already heard the result here, apparently at the Mania takeover they’re going to have one of those unsanctioned street fights with Gargano and Ciampa as a send off, then off to main roster I suppose.


WWE haven’t booked “storylines” in years, just previews of PPV matches


“Can we have a match?”
“Well, we’re going to have an unsanctioned one then.”
“Okay, we’ll supply a referee, tell security to stay out of your way and provide half an hour of uninterrupted airtime with commentary for you.”


Just like in real fighting!


Baring in mind this is also the show that gave Adam Cole a number one contendership shot because he kept invading the set.
I mean I love William Regal but he’s an HR nightmare


Watched the 2000 rumble. Holy shit Too Cool were over as hell.


Can I just use this as an oppurtunity to say that Scott Taylor is one of the most underrated workers in WWE history


That match with Dean Malenko is amazing


Watched Summerslam '95 yesterday. Largely rubbish. Couple of fun matches - Bertha v Alundra Blayze, Skip v Barry Horowitz, but only one decent scrap - Michaels v Razor.


You aren’t wrong. Doesn’t he still work for the WWE now? Suggesting they are relatively aware or his impact, even if they stifled it at the time.


I think he’s a fireman now. He came back for a couple of nostalgia apperance, once old skool raw and once in NXT.