Rolling Wrestling Thread


He definitely did that for a while, and might still but I think he is a trainer in the performance centre too.


Return to WWE (2016–present)[edit]

On September 7, 2016, Garland returned to WWE as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

According to Pro Wrestling Torch in 2017, Garland teaches the middle class at the WWE Performance Center, the second of four levels of classes.[25]

Oh you’re right


Im pretty sure I’ve seen some people say good things about how approachable he is there too, but really it’s all just reading shit people say on the internet innit. I think between his interests in firefighting and training though it’s clear he is a pretty decent bloke though. Nice to see he has found a place in it all after they weren’t too keen to push him to the same level he might have deserved back in the day.


By all accounts he’s a lovely bloke


Certainly a very different type of education from Albert and Scotty than you’ll be getting from Regal and Brookside I’d imagine :sweat_smile:


So the Melt himself posted the full name and address of the victim of the Elgin case, classy individual that he is


Why the fuck would you ever post someones address in a magazine/website?


Cuz you are a spiteful misogynist is the only reason I can muster


I’ve said so before but I really don’t get the buzz for Dave.
I quite often agree with his taste in wrestling, but that’s all his reviews are : a matter of taste. No idea why anyone cares what a four or five star match is.
Further to that he presents himself as a genuine journalist, just of a fake business. And I think there’s a place for that and the way he stands up to see when they’re being unethical or even just basic history stuff can be very good.
But he the descends into this sort of paparazzi shite, and posting rumours, and even letting his sources work him to get more publicity. Hes quite progressive generally but this is a huge error in judgement and I hope he thinks again about his practices but I feel his ego may get in the way.


he didn’t publish the address. shouldn’t have put her name out there though. he’s handled the whole elgin thing terribly from the start


Blame @Severed799 for doing chinese whispers! :frowning:


Oh right, aye but basically he’s made it very easy to find her address


What was this Elgin story? Fair play if nobody wants to post anything if it’s dodgy ground but where might I find the story (for free)?


basically, a woman he was having an affair with was allegedly sexually assaulted by one of his students. she told him about it and he used the info to manipulate her and discredit her, while continuing to book the abuser for his indy promotion. there’s an interview with her here


thought elimination chamber was pretty good, if predictable (right down to the order they entered the chamber). the crowd chanting for holly holm was funny but also a bit shit, but they salvaged the segment well.

also, the golden lovers vs cody / scurll at honor rising night 2 over the weekend was really good. worth watching if you’ve got njpw world (probably skip everything else though)


Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers confirmed for the NJPW US show as well. Should be great.

Found elimination chamber very meh. Just couldn’t get invested because it was SO predictable


For the first time ever at a WWE PPV last night, the women legitmately outshone the men, that’s a pretty cool feeling


kinda standard for this time of year isn’t it, we know more or less what their plans are for mania but they’ve still got to go through the motions of moving their pieces into position. was executed well enough this year at least but yeah, hard to get too excited about.

only real complaint was rollins turning on reigns since a) they did the exact same thing in the women’s match b) kayfabe wise, it’s such a dumb thing to do by seth and c) although braun was protected / got his heat back, it’d have done more for him to have one less elimination and it take 2/3rds of the shield to take him out imo.

that bucks / lovers match will be great. the HW tag division was a bit thin last year so it’s cool they’ve managed to add two great teams to it (should make it 3 and have the best friends be a regular thing in njpw)


so Cena teased Taker match at Raw last night… only to say “…and that WON’T be happening. Ha! Now you know how it feels!”

I completely fell for it as well, bastard.


could be bluffing. Plant the idea in our heads then massive pop when Taker appears.

TBH like Cena said, it should’ve happened years ago when Super Cena was rife and Taker had the streak in tact.