Rolling Wrestling Thread


Feels like Kenny’s definitely going to step away from the Bullet Club isn’t it? Can see him going to New York next January, or maybe New Japan have essentially told him if he wants the big belt he’ll need to be an outright babyface.


CM Punk keeps making vague references to the All In event … he’s toying with me and I’m not happy about it.


feels that way. fair play to them really, it’s the most I’ve been interested in bullet club in forever


didn’t him and Jericho allude to this on the podcast, plus Kenny was very much the babyface there which seemed to kick off this slow-turn


that’s what I’m hoping, and maybe Taker turns up at Smackdown, but my word it would be cruel to suggest it and then not go anywhere


would say the turn began prior to that, not sure when exactly as I didn’t notice it straight away but at some point the bucks went from hiding under the ring and helping him cheat to just purely seconding him


do you want the match then? I’d rather taker stayed retired and cena put over idk balor or someone


Cena losing means nothing anymore, he’s lost an awful lot these past 6 months


During the Okada trilogy really wasn’t it? The first bout was classic heel Kenny, they’d viciously sneak attacked Okada and tried to take shortcuts. By the time the second one rolled around he was already the reason half the people were there which makes him being a heel kind of farcical, but by the last match he was wrestling much more of an underdog babyface style trying to prove he can win clean. The Jericho stuff really cemented it obviously because it was such a huge match and Jericho was so over the top evil :joy:


I just think Cena vs Taker is a better send off in terms of its big name quality for a final mania “moment” tbh, even though I know it wouldn’t be a classic match. But maybe they’re sticking with the “Taker can’t die” line by never truly announcing his “retirement”… but I’ve already seen the idea swimming around that Taker is the single entrant in the Hall of Fame when he goes, which will basically confirm his retirement.

I thought they were gonna go with Cena vs Elias as they’ve interacted quite a bit too, but given he’s off to Smackdown now I don’t know.

If we are taking this at face value and he is going to have a match with someone on current Smackdown roster, who we thinking? Does he get involved in either title? Does he attempt to hinder the jinder? Struggling to see where he goes now really other than Taker now they’ve mentioned it on air?


oh didn’t realise he was off to smackdown. then there’s only one option isn’t there

do the right thing john, give us the happy rusev day we all deserve




Can see them reneging on the Broad Strongman face push to put him in with Big Johnny Jorts tbh, he seems too big already to be piddling about with Miz


but Cena’s movng to Smackdown, away from Strowman (for now at least)


if he’s putting him over clean then yes, all (rusev) day every (rusev) day.

dunno who else there is really. smackdown is pretty terrible now anyway so whatever feud he has will probs be terrible regardless


ohhh righto, god knows then. shoehorn him in the shane/KO/zayn angle?


do you really see Rusev being put over Cena this time, regardless of how over Rusev Day is?


maybe he’ll win the cruiserweight tournament


Mmm, maybe but how? Not even sure what’s going on there, whether Zayn and Owens are breaking up already, is DBry going to be in ring? Tag match? Or as their champions? God Smackdown is grim at the moment