Rolling Wrestling Thread


Yeah it’s no secret it’s tanking, probably moving John over there as a bit of a cynical attempt to pop the ratings. So bizarre too, such great talent on there (a main event scene of AJ, Nakamura, KO, Orton with Zayn and Roode on the fringes would be more than enough with decent booking) but it’s all spent on fucking Shane and his honey roasted ham face


as long as we get the AJ vs Nakamura match we all need at Mania I’m not too bothered at least.


dunno why they put a guy who cut the same promo every show for a decade in charge of creative (oh yeah, he’s friends with trips, that’s why) but it’s fucking tanked since he’s been in sole charge

big fan of how he’s seemingly turned into onslow from keeping up appearances though tbf


I know they’re not spring chickens but both men seem to have serious problems even getting tv time. One’s the fucking champ!




I know, poor AJ, his current run as champion is seriously in the background of Shane/Bryan/Zayn/Owens

But fuck it, I’m sure the match will deliver


ah just read Cena might challenge Shinsuke for his number 1 contendership


Maybe Corbin could win the fatal 5 way and Cena can bury him again.


He is just clearly going to fight the Undertaker though isn’t he? Like they are just fucking around pretending it won’t happen.


yeah? yeah. hopefully/probably






For some reason Cedric Bixler-Zavala last night asked if the crowd were “Randy… Randy Savage?” it was very odd


I saw At the Drive-In last year and I can confirm he did not ask us. Maybe it’s some new stage patter exclusive to Europe he is trying out. Europeans are of course renowned for their love of Randy Savage. Makes sense to me.


Apparently the same guy is still head of creative but road dogg probably has a lot of influence.


He made a metal gear solid reference when I saw em



yeah, the flaw in this “for the first time ever, I haven’t got a road to wrestlemania!!!” storyline is that he’s JOHN CENA. it wasn’t that long ago he returned from filming something and cut a (great) promo declaring himself the number one contender “because I can”.

hope there’s an end game to this rusev thing and isn’t just them being shit. the current state of smackdown doesn’t make me hopeful though


I know right, these Cena promos have been alright but it’s so silly hearing him go “BUT HOW AM I GONNA GO TO WRESTLEMANIA” when it’s like, m8 you’re not Viktor from The Ascension, chill out.

Shinsuke fought Aiden English last night which suggests to me they might gift Rusev a Shinsuke match at Fastlane for him to get squashed at?


:smiley: just imagining Cena joining the Ascension now