Rolling Wrestling Thread


Well I think his recent win loss record is worse than the Ascention tbf


Ah he’s like Rock or Triple H or something now, he can lose forever and he’ll still be huge


Watched Elimination Chamber, so very dull. Not even sure I can be arsed with Mania.


both the women’s matches were great?


I’m sure there are good matches on the card but I really cba with WWE right now as their creative is so aimless, even for Mania season.

I will watch the big 3 ppvs (Survivor Series doesnt count) and dip in and out I think.


'Hing is Cena’s already done this in 2011-2012 to build up his match vs The Rock which is meant to be “the worst year of his career” from losing to CM Punk at MitB onwards (despite still headlining most of the PPVs ahead of Punk that year)


Mania’s looking pretty underwhelming atm.
We’ve seen Roman v Brock before, we know what happens, it’s dull.
The Ronda match will be dire
Seriously cba with the Shane stuff
No good tag feuds atm
AJ/Nakamura might be good but if they make it a triple threat with Cena it won’t be. Alternatively another Taker match? No.
Ultimate Deletion or whatever might have entertaining footage but nothing like as good as the originals tbh
Seth or Finn v Miz? Not for me.

Women’s title matches could be decent but yeah looks the worst in years.


Yeah they were good, the rest of the show was pap, particularly the main event.



IC match will be another ladder schmoz I assume, otherwise there’s a lot of upper midcarders not getting on the show.

the two main title matches will be good but yeah, the rest of it isn’t looking too promising


Drifter better win that damn jobber rumble (or Rusev I guess)


I was thinking he’d be in the IC match but if not then yeah, give him the andre


think I just want him sat atop a ladder dissing everyone in song form


Kurt Angle apparently has pneumonia btw and instead of being at home/in fucking HOSPITAL he’s on the road and taking bumps so wouldn’t count on him making Mania just yet :sweat_smile:


the main event was fine. There was never chance anyone other than Roman was going over, so ignoring that, Seth and Finn both looked decent, Braun was a beast as ever, Elias’ intro was great, Miz being his usual cowardly heel stuff. Predictable, maybe, but I still enjoyed my time with it.

That tag match and V1 vs Bray can both get fucked though. I enjoyed the Rousey segment for everything except Rousey herself.


depends if Brauuuuuuun is in it.

New Day vs Usos has been one of the best feuds of the year and it looks like they’ll be capping it off nicely at Mania, I’m fine with that, esp as New Day got slightly shafted last year.

Otherwise, it’s not really any better or worse looking than any other recent Mania years, there’s enough talent there to carry (most of) it at least


Gotta disagree, last year’s looked much better on paper (to me at least, even with a Shane match)
Usos v New Day’s been done to death but agreed they have great chemistry. I know you love the lads but I’ve never ever been able to get interested in the New Day whatsoever.


apparently the usos have never been on the main card at mania so I’m ok with them doing that match again as they deserve their spot


my love for New Day has dampened considerably since their first major run to be fair, I actually am quite invested in the Usos now since their heel turn.


yeah that’s basically what the two teams were promo-ing over last night. Then the bludgeon brothers appeared…


Just watching WM12. 8 of the 28 wrestlers and valets on it are brown bread. 1996, ffs.

Do they slightly speed these old shows up? McMahon’s commentary always sounds like it’s on about x1.25 speed to me.