Rolling Wrestling Thread


Why Mysterio?


Didn’t even notice him in there tbh.

Hang on… Is he the guy that cleared house? What happened to his hair? Was about the only distinctive thing he had.going.


Watching no way out 2003, this card is WILD but what a great opener from Y2J vs Jeff Hardy




Actually Sports Illustrated are saying Cena/Rey is now happening


Rumours suggest that’s who John Cena asked for when he was told The Undertaker wouldn’t be doing it.

I did read he would have preferred Samoa Joe but he is injured.


Appaz Rey was backstage at Smackdown last night ironing out the details with the big wigs. Can’t understand it myself, but Rey’s in the best shape he’s been in for well over ten years imho… could be surprisingly decent.


I, erm, ok then, I guess


The guy apparently won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin neck, pneumonia ain’t gonna stop him


That’s kinda what I’m afraid of!


He’s been medically cleared supposedly


I guess the problem is given Kurt’s history, what lengths has he been/ is he willing to go to in order to ensure he is cleared to wrestle. And you have to trust that modern WWE won’t allow him to do anything that would jeopardise his or someone else’s long term health, but forcing himself through a sickness is quite different to using painkillers to get through an injury so it’s hard to tell where the lines are for him.



There was a Bret v Mr Perfect at King of the Ring which was a brilliant match also (the 1st KOTR).

also got to add Bret vs Bulldog at Summerslam to the list of great matches.


Summerslam 1991 was the one I was thinking of but yes, KOTR '93 is worth watching just for Bret having three completely different, brilliant matches in one night


So some interesting notes about the Brock situation (apparently).
He was told not to come to Raw after a last minute re-write so they could do that pretty obvious worked shoot thing with Roman presumably to babyface him, which won’t work.
But according to big Uncle Meltz and a few others Brock has actually completed the required amount of dates on his contract. This is an horrendous fuck up on Vince’s part if so, because Brock doesn’t have to come back at all if he wants. And if he does he can potentially demand a King’s ransom to drop the belt to Roman. There’s potential this worked shoot business is also the beginning of a potential cover up for if Brock never comes back at all (I see this as quite unlikely myself, Brock loves money)… with plan B being Braun v Roman for the vacant title at Mania if needed.
Afterwards it looks like Brock might not return at all, and instead go into training for one final payday in UFC since his steroid ban will be over in a the Summer.

What a mess!


He actually did get a babyface pop cutting that promo for the first time in years


probs won’t carry over to next week but yeah, it was good. obvs a worked shoot but you can tell he believes it. was no “this is my yard now” but it was a good promo


Whole thing will deflate if he has to face Braun too who is far more over right now, and happens to be a full timer to boot. Even then how do they pull the trigger on anything for the big fella knowing they might have to swtich him out? Clusterfuck.


They might just have to genuinely drive a truck full of money to Brock’s farm at this point.