Rolling Wrestling Thread


pretty ironic/hilarious this is potentially happening AGAIN at the same time Double J’s going into the Hall of Fame


Hang on, doesn’t Lesner have the belt at the moment? That’s an almighty fuck up.


I think they’ll be ok, I’m inclined to say it’s all a work and that brock / dana picture is a part of it.

saw a stat (may not be accurate, idk) that rollins wrestled longer in that gauntlet match than brock has since he became champ :smiley:


Read somewhere Brock hasnt had a match on either Raw or Smackdown for 13 years


I think essentially the numbers can’t lie, the only thing I can think of is Brock and Vince have already pre-agreed the one off fee and are just milking for any extra interest, but honestly, this is such a Brock thing to happen
Wouldn’t be the first time the wrestling journalists got worked mind


He would’ve done if it wasn’t for that scamp Seth Rollins!!!


fucking miss J & J

also miss cole getting f5’d out of his shoes


that was an iconic moment for sure… technically that means what @TKC read is right though, because that wasn’t really a match


did he nay break the ring with big show again on a raw?


or was that someone else




hopefully Vince Montreals Brock and fucks him off for good


Montrealing Bret is one thing
Montrealing Brock, and well, good luck


an entire stadium of broken arms


doubt brock would give a shit as long as he gets paid


It’s weird though, when he turns up it’s like he suddenly gives a shit about at least himself, he’s very protective. Must be some machismo thing, but I wouldn’t want to poke this particular nuclear beetroot.


poor Sable


The Montreal Screwjob…

  • Great Work
  • Proper Screwing

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I love britiish wrestling