Rolling Wrestling Thread


Noone really thinks it was a work


mmmmmmm some nutjobs out there definitely do

see also: Chris Benoit was innocent/framed believers


In the past few months I’ve joined a couple vintage wwf fb pages and been enjoying the chat on here (without getting involved)… godamn weren’t the late 80s early 90s the shit! Got back into wrasslin bout 6 months ago and still enjoy reading about/seeing the highlights of whats going on today but fuck me… the standard was so much higher from about 86 to the end of the attitude era… don’t know what I’m getting at here other than wanting to say something




YES, yes. Oh jesus could you get a better pairing of egos… that catch though must’ve been practiced a lot but… on the day couldn’t have gone any better


dunno, it looks fairly natural to me but that might be how good a job Brain does on it


Prob just Hennan being… the best


Paul Roma getting fucked up


Have you watched any OSW review?


That the Japanese shizzle?


Really should’ve at least Googled that before replying


Oh yeah really should’ve… just Googled it. No haven’t read any of the Old School Wrestling review… sound like my kind if thing though


Watched. It’s a video podcast. (Filmed in glorious grapplevision)


Yes, watched indeed. Re-read both comments and realised I’m definitely out my depth here
… was too late to edit


Ha no worries, just would very much recommend them as they are very funny while being nostalgic


Going to trade my monthly Now TV films subscription (not enough good/new films to be worth it) to be worth £10 for WWE network. PPVS 84 - 92 worth it alone


Is anybody else like me in that I don’t really like watching wrestling all that much, but I love knowing all the ins and outs of things going on in the wrestling world, and love stuff like osw and the attitude era podcast;


I’d say they’re on equal footing but yeah it is a big part of the fun/madness


Apart from those who do, of course, like Nash, Hall, Waltman, Austin i think, several of who were, y’know, there and that.

There are some quite interesting theories about why it might have been, as well. Particularly interested in claims that Bret Hart was one of only a few wrestlers who at their peak (contractwise, he was past his peak, clearly) had full, legally-binding creative control clauses in their contracts (think Austin and Cena have been others).

At best it’s an astonishing coincidence that it just so happened to be in everyone’s best interests.

Doesn’t really matter, though, does it?


think it’s also interesting in terms of the history of the company coming at such a key moment; like people point to Tyson at Austin’s inauguration as champ as the point where the attitude era started, and while that might be “officially true” I think Montreal is the proper starting point, because it was such a monumental bit of politicking that everyone got to see it clear as day live on TV and created the “Mr. McMahon” character. It’s a thoroughly uncomfortable match to watch but it is also fascinating in that regard.