Rolling Wrestling Thread


Absolutely. Felt like a turning point in many ways, certainly for McMahon, but also for the lead modern faces, and overall tone of the company.

I’d suggest the introduction of DX as the starting point for the Attitude Era, though, rather than Tyson or Montreal. Incidentally, i never realised how shite the New Age Outlaws were, particularly early doors, before rewatching some of these PPVs. The on-the-mic ring intros are largely abysmal. One of them particularly was about ten minutes long. Rubbish.


Yeah I don’t watch much bar big events but I listen to something to wrestle with most weeks and the occasional other one.


Aye although DX happened more or less in the build up to Montreal so it’s all related but totally (although Trips pushes that line quite hard these days, ha)

Ha yeah new age outlaws were basically just over cuz they had a cool intro


them and LOD are possibly the two most over teams of all time and theyre both fucking terrible. wrestling is weird


Demolition are the best tagteam for me. Provided great early-card value in what i’d consider the most classic era of PPVs. Hart Foundation weren’t far behind.

Steiner Brothers should have legitimately gone on to be the best tag team of all time. Amazing ringcraft and power.

That said, it’s hard to really get into the Best Ever argument without having seen most of the stuff from before the very late eighties. Particularly with tagteams and stables i suspect most of the better technical ones might have come well before my time.


yeah I’d go along with that. steiners are my favourite, didn’t get the run in new york they deserved but their stuff elsewhere was fantastic.

shame that most of the bulldogs run was pre ppv, would like to see more of them


Still maintain the most entertaining tag team ive seen was Too Much


TNA had a very strong tag division in the early days of the Hogan era. Young Bucks, Beer Money, British Invasion, Dudleys and my personal favourites, the Motor City Machine Guns.

MCMG were absolute dynamite prior to Sabin’s injuries.


Also had often buried NO LIMIT, a japanese tag team featuring Naito, one of New Japan’s top stars now.
Overall I never saw a decent tag match in tna. Most of it was the dudleys v beer money in that era, which was fine but nothing more.
I’m old and hipster enough to have seen the young bucks before they were generation me and was incredibly confused by the gimmick change


Rey tore his bicep last night, so I guess John Cena had better hope that Undertaker match is going ahead


Oh man apparently Brock had a 30 second house show match over the weekend :joy:

Okay I’m convinced this is all a big work now to get the internet/hardcore fans to hate him, and I think it’s bloody genius


“All In” show officially announced for Chicago now. It’s a great choice because it’s viable to get to for both the East and West coast fans, has a rabid wrestling fanbase of its own, and of course teases a CM Punk appearance further.
Rumblings already afoot as to whom will be on the bill but there’s rumours Pete Dunne has asked wwe if he can take a booking for it, presumably to be booked against Marty Scurll, which would be utterly :fire:


they’re doing a 50 man Rumble in Saudi Arabia


Barry the drug free bear is cm punk I reckon


I get the “drug free” bit, but Barry?


Just think it might be


Symphony of Destruction :grin:


I’ve read into this, is it a Rumble or Battle Royale? If it’s a Rumble, that will be awesome. Battle Royale, less so (I’m not a fan of Battle Royale’s, I just think they’re a bit of a mess)


they’re calling it a Rumble sop I guess that, the ring would be a bit full with 50 people too


Very true, awesome to have another Rumble then. Hopefully, this is televised