Rolling Wrestling Thread


Just need enough of a main event to be a big deal, but not something that has any genuine repercussions down the line. Just the same as any of the European shows really.


Probably be on the network


Raw has been pretty good recently hasn’t it :thinking:


Found this after falling down a bit of a youtube hole. Have to agree with some of the comments, these guys were way ahead of their time


Not really sure how Dynamite Kid is declared the winner tbqh…


This is the original Tiger Mask in England a few years prior, so ahead of his time. Fascinating stuff.


This is great too because Cyanide Sid Cooper was one of the best panto-style villains of the day, one of Regal’s biggest influences



So is this not the Tiger Mask who wrestled Dynamite Kid?



Sorry yeah, they’re the same guy, but afterwards there was a bunch of other Tiger Masks because he became a cartoon character and essentially bigger than the wrestler himself. The most recent has been Kota Ibushi, but as more of a tribute.


Ah I thought it must’ve just been that it didn’t read as intended. Yeah noticed after doing a wee search that there have been multiple Tiger Masks since the original. Do you know of any online archive type sites that focus solely on the best of the best vintage matches?


Haven’t seen the full match yet but junior heavyweight v heavyweight champ match in NJ with the two most prominent Chaos members Ospreay taking on Okada looked fucking A+
Love it when Ospreay unleashes the inner Essex prick too, he’s so good at it

apologies in advance for the frankly dire soundtrack


whole match is here if anyone is interested:

edit: this one is in english



Outstanding. Hope they make it a running joke tbh.


I’m hoping we get more chaos members challenge Okada. Hopefully Ishii wins the New Japan Cup and challenges him next, they had a match at the g1 a couple of years ago which was amazing.


Ishii is the fucking man. Love his matches


Just watched Royal Rumble 96. The main event ended with Diesel pulling the ref out during a pinfall and the ref calling it a DQ. Imagine the shit storm the fans would cause if that was the ending of a big PPV main event in this era


Jonah Rock is really bloody impressive. Cannot believe I hadn’t heard of him until a couple weeks ago