Rolling Wrestling Thread


spent today catching up with the new japan cup, pretty good so far. yujiro and juice had a surprisingly great match on night one, followed by a v good ishii - elgin (yuck) match. this was scary as fuck though:

night 2 was fine but deffo not essential viewing, night 3 had a couple of great matches: YH vs ibushi and naito vs ZSJ

v much enjoyed chuck taylor on comms for the first night too


I love Chuckie T!
His commentary on PWG is always a highlight.
I’m also loving Taka acting as Sabre Jr’s hype man.


may be a silly question but Taka as in Taka Michinoku?




wow he’s still going? excellent!


he’s still great


Understandably no chat about Fastlane (or as I have dubbed it Stopgap) pretty pointless ppv all in all but the main event was good fun all the same


Cena’s going to be challenged by Taker tonight then, right? Right? That poor man’s (second) hip.


Hahah wwe really named a match after Moolah? Wow


Tone deaf as fuck. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the backlash will force their hand and make them change the name.


That’s genuinely astounding but then i suppose they do have a Warrior humanitarian award


Warrior was fucking bellend but at least he didn’t traffic young women and set back the industry 60 years for her peers.


The Fritz Von Eric father of the year award


Pretty hard to pick someone they would have named it after given the significant amount of bad blood and drug issues in a lot of their previous former talent. Moolah is just about the worst option though, horrendous allegations about her. Very surprised they continue to even reference her.

Probably days something about WWE’s appalling attitude to women historically that Trish Stratus is probably the first person I can think of that would be of the right stature and also have a clear history. Obviously she is still alive though. Are there any female wrestlers from before Mae Young and Moolah they could have used?


should just name it after chyna. the “children might google her” argument was flimsy anyway but it really falls apart when the alternative is fucking moolah.

plus it would make sense given her own legacy (first woman in the rumble) and would provide some nice synergy with the andre battle royal (8th and 9th wonders of the world).


Lot of people bleating about Braun destroying the tag division (send Revival to Smackdown already they have zero exposure on Raw)

But there’s rumblings he’ll be forced to get a partner for Mania… and if it’s Elias… well, that might be the best team in aaaaages


Oh that’d be good. I was wondering if they’d bring Show or Kane back. Or maybe Mysterio for a classic Big man/Little man front two.


while I’d prefer it to be elias I am very in to the thought of rey hitting the west coast pop from off of braun’s shoulders


No. They should HAVE Braun as the tag champs or Samoa Joe. Will accept no substitutes


Nah that’s negative booking, buries a division of fine wrestlers and wouldn’t improve Braun’s status whatsoever.
A good old fashioned regular odd couple with Elias has potential for some incredible segments and would keep them both (and whoever they work with) relevant. Think Bryan and Kane.