Rolling Wrestling Thread

Definitely, Rock and Austin were 90% promos and character, and about 10% kicking people in the corner a bit. Austin in particular was basically doing as little as possible to save his body for most of his run. But they felt relevant to the time and the whole thing worked.
As it is we’ve had about twenty years now of the Evil McMahons doing the same crap and barely anyone else allowed any depth, John Cena excepted and possibly AJ in the future. Roman Reign’s character is (I think) that he has a large arm. Great.

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This makes me smile so much


Disagree, just think the story telling has been poop. Slater is one of the most over guys in the company right now and it ain’t because of his mat skills or spectacle, it’s because he’s been in a good story with a clear beginning and end

That’s more or less what I mean though. An instance like Slater’s been a complete rarity for years. But it’s not what the wrestlers seem to think gets them over anymore.

I got a feeling that smackdown may resolve that, it’s been the spark missing for a while but there is a lot of signs that’s the direction SmackDown is going down and I’m thrilled.

Mah, you’re right, the roster is arguably the best it’s ever been… but the writing has been bad for a long time. SmackDown seems to be addressing this but you have the 3 hour blackhole that is raw which has the better roster and matches but is a colossal bore in comparison

A fellow wwe and unwound fan, woosh

Yeah mostly good, bray losing to kane due to injured RKO is well dumb (for a decent last minute match) and I feel Uso’s winning makes more sense but they probably will soon (they look fucking bad ass as heels btw)

Happy with becky and styles and yeah Miz was incredible.

Dis KO shirt

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not watched any NEW wrestling in years and years (apart from THE FINAL DELETION), but been on a big nostalgia trip this week watching old Attitude era matches. mainly any involving Mankind. what a hero.

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It’s still going, it’s still awesome

Gosh I’m really enjoying Smackdown right now. It’s got the level of story telling that the WWE has lacked in ages… across the card. I’m sacking off Raw and it’s PPVs all together and sticking exclusively with Smackdown.

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I watched Wrestlemania 7 last night. It’s on Youtube in full. Amazing PPV. Definitely the best one so far (only six years in admittedly). Worth watching for the Nasty Boys v Hart Foundation match alone. Macho Man retirement match also great. Warlord/Bulldog good. Slaughter v Hogan main event ending dire.

has anyone see KOTR 1996

heard Owen Hart does amazing commentary in it, worth watching?

It’s a historical show and Owen Hart is good on it… it’s not great but you get DAT Steve Austin promo.


Yeah Warrior vs Macho is amazing both as a wrestling match and as a piece of entertainment… shame about hogan vs slaughter

I’m about to finish the “screwjob” arc which kinda starts at the 96 survivor series bret vs Austin, which is quite underated due to their WM 13 match.

Then it gets going at summerslam 97, bret vs taker w/ Michaels as ref (amazing booking here), first ever hell in a cell taker vs Michaels (including intro of Kane) and then finally the screwjob itself.

I’m just getting to the Invasion bit in my Attitude rewatches

it’s losing a bit of steam tbh, can see myself stopping around can tell they got kinda lazy without the competition. Completely forgot Debra managed The Rock

Yeah wm18 and the brand split is when I gave up the first time round. I couldn’t really put my finger on why it had lost it’s way at the time, but it had.

I have, however just completed filling in the decade I missed. It was… something.

I think it’s the undercard really. The main events are still good, but like a couple of years earlier you could be entertained all throughout.

THe one I watched last night (April 18 2001 I think) had a match of the X Factor vs Test, The One Billy Gunn and Raven

it was shit