Rolling Wrestling Thread


I never noticed how brutal jbls clothesline from hell was after the chair shot. Right to the jaw


That was against Public Enemy wasnt it, both put of a job after


Just listening to this podcast by a couple of the Guardian Football Weekly show. It’s not bad…


Is the old ECW worth watching? Intrigued to see some as I have only ever seen one show


Some of it is definitely, what have you seen?


Literally one episode ages ago that was on Bravo haha. I remember RVD taking a piledriver off Nova. Obvs seen a few clips but never any shows in sequence/PPVs


Ok well generally the considered ppvs (from memory) are:

Barely Legal '97 (the very first one, there a whole collection based on the build up to this on the network just now)
Living Dangerously '98 (has a very famous spot in it)
Heat Wave '98 (generally considered one of the best PPVs of all time)
Living Dangerously '99 (big moment for one of the mainstays)

Also have you watched the WWE One Night Stands?


nice, I’ll have a gander, thanks!

yeah I watched one of them, the first one I think where it was more ECW people? saw the second one’s lineup and it seemed a bit weak


Second one is not as good but is worth it for RVD vs Cena alone


Cena throwing his t-shirt into the crowd on that show is legitimately one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen.


The pioneer shop near my house used to sell ecw vhs tapes only when I was a kid, so weirdly I sort of got into it before anything else. This is one of the best original ecw matches imo
edit: it’s one of those self playing vids so fuck that, I meant the four way dance between Little Guido, Tajiri, Whipwreck and Psychosis at Heatwave 2000


This is just joyful as well


YES! you’ve no idea how fucking long I’ve been trying to remember what match that spot where tajiri kicks the table into his head is from. thought it was from one of the super crazy matches so no wonder I was having trouble finding it



Preferred Too Much


just watched the njpw ppv from the this morning, decent enough show but the shibata-okada main event was an absolute banger. starts slow but naturally ends with them beating the bejesus out of each other. most of the crowd against okada too which was interesting.

well worth a watch. goto vs zsj was good too


Shibata collapsed and ended up in hospital having a life saving operation
He needs to stop those headbutts they’re fucking stupid no matter how good they look


100% agreed. the sound of them is genuinely sickening. they do look cool and the image of him with blood trickling down his face is badass, but they’re so unnecessary. if you remove them from that match it doesn’t suffer at all


Holy shit Strowman KILLED Reigns :joy:


That stretcher bump looked really bad