Rolling Wrestling Thread



bad painful or just plain bad?


As in unplanned level of dangerous


oh, nah there’s no way it wasn’t planned. if you look braun is careful to flip onto the bottom so he didn’t go full pelt into the floor, he lands arm first.

The ambulance spot was pretty great tho


Oh yeah, deffo planned, just looked like he launched the stretcher way further than he was meant to to me


Surprised they didn’t just have Reigns jump out of the ambulance with a superman punch at the end of it


no more miz on talking smack :sob:


yeah not sure about Miz moving over and losing to Zayn immediately, think the rest works though

Who do we reckon is on Smackdown then? I think Charlotte and The Club most likely. Maybe Owens but then he’s on the next Raw PPV (but then Bray is on the next SD PPV?)


Got to be Owens hasn’t it, can’t have US and Intercontinental on the same show.

Reckon New Day will move and maybe Enzo and Cass


think bray said he was facing randal at payback, which is a raw event. so maybe they’re swapping the belts round and brock’ll be on smackdown (once every 3 months)?

assume ko is off, maybe sami too. charlotte maybe?


Reigns was clearly not on the stretcher when it went for a ride ffs :joy: it was a good bit of cutting from our man in the back Mr Dunn.

It was a hilarious beat down though, loved the crowd cheering louder each time he came back


Reigns needs to drop that fucking superman punch, it’s so shit. Also think he could benefit from a solid (probably male) valet or manager, or by becoming part of a stable again. I like him, but they’re not getting the most out of him.


Heyman should take him under his wing. Obvs won’t happen until Brock and Reigns face off at WM34 though.


Shield are all back on Raw now…


I like the kayfabe of the superstar shakeup, that there have been INTENSE NEGOTIATIONS ALL WEEK, as if d bry has been blowing up kurt’s phone “I need jinder, what’s it going to take for you to let him go”


All my faves are on smackdown now. Might go to one for the november tour


Aye big fan of the shining stars :wink:


kalisto might be the big winner out of all of this, mental that they separated him from the cruiserweight division in the first place. just give him and mustafa ali 10 minutes and tell them to cram in as many flips as they can, they’ll soon get over.

also, would quite like a steenerico reunion, as now that they’re on the other show they can do the sheamus/cesaro reluctant partners thing. reckon they could have some banger matches with the usos/new day/alpha, and then as soons as he starts trusting him again, have KO turn on sami


First time i’ve watched an episode of Raw start to end in well over a decade. Thought it was ruddy brilliant. Not sure if they’d just upped their game post-WM, and know it gets quite a bit of stick, perhaps the draft made it a lot better thsn most weeks, but it was great. Ambrose, Nia Jax, Jinder Mahal, Sami Zayn all good. The Strowman/Reigns spot was classic Attitude Era stuff, loved it.


It was a good episode aye. Had a constant pulse going through it and had a show long arc and storyline. The problem with Raw is the booking is completely inconsistent, so in isolation the shows are fine, but if you watch a series of them (say a couple of months) and you care enough about the consistency of the story telling then the cracks start to show. But the wrestling is good, and there are some interesting and diverse characters now (2009 - 2014 this simply wasnt the case at all!) it’s a lot better than it was during that time I’ll give it that. I still think Smackdown is the better show, though that may be down to it’s reduced length, but the story telling there is far more consistent and less bothersome.