Rolling Wrestling Thread


Started doing a watch-along with the attitude era podcast from the start. Very happy with this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Miz is probs my favourite wrestler fyi


He’s straight up fire at the moment. Easily becoming one of the best characters WWE have had ---->EVER<—

Which is amazing considering how low he sunk after he was champion


His in ring work is so good too. I dont watch it every week but saw him sell the Ambrose DDT on Monday and it was perfect.

Think he is genuinely the perfect heel


Also can you explain his tag team witb R Truth? Only thing I sae of them was them sneaking into the cage and taking everyone out and getting arrested. Were they proper hateable ?


The Awesome Truth was terrible in so many ways. The Miz just off the back of that title run still fighting for relevance, R-Truth’s descent into insanity started to jump the shark*and they were thrown together so they could lose to John Cena and The Rock because the WWE had such awful roster depth, essentially destroyed any momentum R-Truth and Miz had at the time.

I still cannot believe R-Truth main evented a PPV that year… TWICE. The show has come a long way folks.

*I initially really enjoyed the R-Truth heel run


K Kwik main evented?! Getting rowdy




Fucking bell. Thats akin to Bull Buchanan getting a main event run


It was the drizzling shits.

Well I mean R-Truth’s heel turn was great at first. I loved it when he turned heel in the UK and started smoking a cigarette taken off of fan and everyone started chanting ‘thats illegal’


Haha ill look that up!



That actually looked pretty cool ha. Mental


They fucked up that summer of Punk storyline so bad. Fwiw at the time I thought it was pretty entertaining that Awesome Truth were “fired” but still kept sneaking in and ruining matches, it was obvious that Vince was meant to be the puppet master behind that and Johnny Ace texting Kevin Nash and screwing Punk over and over again etc but it was just never resolved and instead they just let Trips bury the whole angle a month later.


One highlight from last night, smackdown replay was on in the background in the pub last night, and they turned the sound up for nakamura’s entrance and a few people (myself included) sang along full pelt


The Smackdown camera angles are dreadful. Genuinely making me feel dizzy. Like watching a computer game. Not enjoyable.


I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU! (crowd pop intensifies)


Whatd you all think of the JBL allegations?


He should be kicked to the curb TBH. Especially if WWE want their Be A Star campaign to be taken seriously, but apparently management encourage it, which speaks volumes to the industry as a whole sadly. It’s a bunch of Jocks wit money


In a twitter pm war with Vince Russo , will keep you informed