Rolling Wrestling Thread




he’s Vince’s boy though innit so he’s not going anywhere


An absolute cunt, a homophobic, racist, cowardly stooge of a man willing to pick on men he or Vince found unmanly - which is fucking absurd in any walk of life let alone a professional environment within a massive publicly traded professional wrestling corporation.
He was always one of my favourites when I was a child (at least up until 2003ish, just beyond his solo hardcore run after the APA) but I think he’s a fucking bigot taking advantage of AND subordinate to a completely toxic structure.

I say it again and again but in so many ways wwe really is the absolute fucking pits.


Just woke up so my brain processed JBL as JR for some reason and felt really disappointed and surprised.

Not at all surprised at JBL. Even less surprised that it’s the sort of thing that might happen generally in sport. Don’t know why the WWE would be any different to the rest of the world. Obviously it’s comoletely fucking ridiculous this sort of thing is allowed to happen, but it does, in every profession all over the world, and nobody with any power to do something socially responsible and ethical about it ever will.


They couldn’t care less. It’s only ever been lipservice to make them look good in front of parents and politicians who won’t dig.

As far as I recall, they launched it at the same time that their only major angle for the women on the roster involved Michelle McCool and Layla spending 10 minutes a week bullying Mickie James for being “fat”.


Oh damn, I remember that. I know it’s all storyline and such, but the timing of that was so bad


this might be the wrongest I’ve ever been about anything. his first appearance back on raw ends with them literally chucking him in the bin :smiley:


call back to Hogan vs Kidman?


Braum’s career highlight package is going to be lit




hi @1101010


so they re-did the ring collapsing spot but it was pretty cool, they’ve made sure to save it for special occasions so it’s still a nice surprise when it happens. Also holy shit this is the SECOND actually decent Strowman vs Show match:


I love Strowman, remember how poop Strowman was last year? He has a natural charisma to him that a certain other person doesn’t have that makes it fine to see him booked like an unstoppable mountain.


he’s been brilliant aye, completely nailed his run so far, getting better both as a wrestler and as a character/promo. Shame when this all ends with “Reigns wins (again) lol” huh"


think the benefit of cena going part time / roman not being as over as cena was, is that they might actually do a proper job with their new monster this time (cut to 12 months from now when braun has a comedy dancing gimmick smh)


praying you are right BUT


it’s not even a solid enough joke to have warranted this amount of work/edits


appreciate the sympathy “like” @Jamos but in truth I don’t really deserve it :stuck_out_tongue:


did enjoy seeing the evolution of it when I clicked through all the edits


Only saw the last hour or so of Raw (can never be bothered to watch it other than when it’s on live), but Jeff vs Cesaro and Big Show vs Strowman were pretty good (ring break spot was made by the ref’s sell). Caught the end of the women’s fatal four way - Alexa isn’t as good a wrestler as some but she has genuine star power imo (‘it’, so to speak).

The Strowman backstage stuff feels like a bit of a throwback.