Rolling Wrestling Thread


Jinder mahal proving if you take enough juice you’ll still get a rocket strapped to you in WWE


yeah dunno how I feel about that. I’d be into it if the title match was on smackdown next week (it’s the kind of randomness they should do more of imo), but to set up a ppv next month? a 5 week build for jinder vs randal?


Overall I’m FOR this because everyone on the roster should be realistically in with a shot of being champion.


It would be better if it was vs Lesnar though


yep, particularly with those multi person matches (and even more so with battle royals), sometimes someone unexpected should steal a win from out of nowhere. would just be a lot more enthusiastic about it if it was to set up a stopgap title defence between now and the next ppv though


Don’t Hinder Jinder!


Dave Meltzer saying that the Broken gimmick is definitely going to be used by WWE at some point


still watching old Raws

had no idea Albert was once nicknamed The Hip Hop Hippo



the actual state of this


needs ‘my way’ but other than that it’s fine


really, re-editing nuclear heat into some stock footage/sound of people cheering is fine?


I’m fine with it, yes. of all the shitty things wwe does, this doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy either way


other than that they’re crazy not to take advantage of good heat and pretend it never happened?


The weird thing is, bad booking doesn’t effect them anymore.
They’ve become self sufficient now they don’t bother with ppvs. They sell out arenas months in advance, far before they’ve booked a card. And while their tv ratings are relatively poor it’s still great compared to a lot of other forms of programming so more or less untouchable.
And they have ready made excuses for falling levels of attention - it’s the ‘lull after Mania’, it’s ‘Monday night footballs fault’ after summerslam, etc. Never heard them trotting out that bullshit when Austin and Rock were around.
So there we are. They can edit history, ransack the wider industry, foster a toxic culture, make nonsensical decisions and get away with it.
Weird things, monopolies.


yeah it’s true, and is largely why i’ve made the decision to take a step back from the current product post-wrestlemania (just watch a couple highlights/read re-caps now). You’re right, it’s totally insulated, but it is a shame given they had a golden platter sitting right there and seem to have shat on it


I’m not sure theyre pretending it ever happened. they’re going for a different vibe with that video aren’t they, making braun seem kind of other worldly, horror movie monsterish or something. I dunno, I don’t think it matters really as the heat’ll be there regardless.

I was more annoyed about them making a big deal of the dumpster spot despite the stage only being about a foot high these days.


yeah but it works both ways. Of course the heat will be there anyway, but this character is CRYING out to turn heel like his cousin The Rock in '97 and they have passed a perfect opportunity to pull that trigger because “fuck it, doesn’t matter, asses in seats anyway”.

haha you’re right about the dumpster, didn’t really look like anything there


Does anyone here go to indie shows? Been to OTT over here in Ireland a couple of times and though it’s been good 1 time, the other time I really didn’t enjoy and the parts I didn’t enjoy everyone else seemed to go nuts for.

Basically, I’ve found people go nuts for moves and there is hardly any story told in the match. Plus, it just seemed a lot of the time people were just waiting for their spot, which really brings me out of the match entirely.

Just wondered what everyone’s opinion on Indie wrestling is and what seems to be popular with the crowd and whether I’m just old and curmudgeon? Maybe turning into Jim Cornette (Cornette fan, BTW)


Yeah found the same with southside in Nottingham. Plus the crowd has some proper pricks.

There’s an argument I guess though that it’s hard to tell a story at one off shows. From the little I’ve seen of Progress I think they’re better at that side of things