Rolling Wrestling Thread


Progress are good with the story arcs


I agree that you can’t tell a full story, but people just waiting for their spots and the match just not really following a flow, only spots, is just kinda annoying.


Not my experience of Progress or WCPW which not only told stories in the ring but grander narratives throughout the show and were far from spot fests. Quite a lot of World of Sport sequencing/chain wrestling actually depending on the card.


And I got an “it’s not raining” clap, clap, clapclapclap chant going when Marty Scurll got his umbrella out so I can’t really fault the fans


I do enjoy a fast paced spotfest tbf, but don’t want a card full of them.

find cornette so tiresome. he’s right about certain things but I’ve heard all his rants numerous times before and some of the stuff he’s said about ko/omega/sami/probably others is a bit out of order


Get extremely fed up of every single booker and wrestler on earth saying the brand of wrestling they’re most known for is the one true route to success, how everybody was less over than them (and maybe they were held down by yadda yadda) and how every other form is garbage. Cornette’s particularly bad for this, but he is an entertaining guy.


Yeah, this is totally what I want. Gonna have to look around other promotions to see what others do.

Saw Marty at the last one and he is great, his character is really interesting


I agree that Corny isn’t for everyone and is a bit stuck in his ways, but he is really entertaining and some of his rants on Russo are absolutely legendary.
You can’t agree with him always, I agree and some of it is wrong, as most of those guys are doing that you mentioned are doing excellent now (maybe not Sami, please let the move to Smackdown be a good thing for him)


Apparently WWE have bought the rights to the broken gimmick from TNA :smiley:


Are there too many walk-ins on the weekly shows? They might not even be called that, idk, i’m 28 and know women. Just feels like every segment is someone on the mic and then…


Don’t mean to sound all huffy smark - but after letting former NXT champs like Joe feud with Rollins and look completely bad ass, KO feud with Cena and Balor beat Reigns in their first outings, they’ve stuck Nakamura in a feud with fucking Ziggler on Smackdown’s mid-card and putting him in cheesy segments.
This whole thing stinks of the Bryan/Punk FORCING himself over. But he will.


Quite like Alexa Bliss.


SHES fucking brilliant, like actually in love with her


yeah that segment this week was brutal. the match should be decent and nak will win, so there’s that. hopefully it doesn’t drag on for months like a lot of dolph’s feuds seem to.


More convincing on the mic than 90% of the male wrestlers, for sure.


In fact, Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Maryse are all in different ways prerty great.


Exactly, she’s one of the few wrestlers that has some actual acting skills up her sleeve so can work a crowd perfectly. The way she dealt with those shitty “WHAT?” chants this week was inspired


Actual state of this ppv


the slow build to braun vs finlay at mania 34 continues, and I am loving it


Proper marked out at FIT FUNLAY!

Last night was wild but mostly pretty great, seems every year the ppv after mania is a big apology to get the fans back on board