Rolling Wrestling Thread


Can’t be arsed with fortnightly ppvs


Tbf it’s easier than watching the weekly TV product


Definitely this. I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown. I just watch the little snippets that WWE puts on Youtube and that’s enough for me to get by so I know what’s going on for the PPVs


yeah that’s what I’m doing now, saves so much wasted time.

Watched the first hour or so of RAW live last night because I was up, Alexa Bliss is just the fucking best isn’t she?

That main event looked legit too


Alexa Bliss is my new Waifu



only watched the main event of raw but what a main event it was. been a bit down on rollins recently (he’s still good obvs but kinda expect more from him than we’ve been getting) but holy shit, he’s good at triple threats isn’t he


Yikes. Not entirely unprecedented, he’s been open about how he used to shoot meth in the attitude era. Still desperately sad though - especially at his age.


Can’t be arsed with that either


watching Impact Wrestling.

its proper shit


The American Wolves are/were good, aren’t they? Everyone else, yeah, pants.


the whole thing looks ridiculously cheap


Lost that sweet Billy corgan money


ec3 is good too. or was, not watched for a while


Then I can’t help you, but that’s ok


He’s buying NWA apparently


So here are your UK announcers

HYPE! (starts this month)


The General Adnan/Sgt Slaughter stuff was pretty good eh, given y’know, what was happening at the time.


Ha, really putting the boot to ITV’s “world of sport” reboot


Anyone been to or going to any of the UK Shows?

Smackdown tonight :smiley: