Rolling Wrestling Thread


Raw last night, Smackdown tonight. Balor vs Miz was good but otherwise Raw was quite flat with Dean as acting GM on the mic papering over cracks. Dark show was Dean parading the Miz around the arena which I’m sure was fun if you were near but was not a patch on the Dean/AJ vs Jericho/Owens match we got last year…

Have higher hopes for tonight.


I went to the Dublin show, which was just a regular house show. So many tag team matches, that it kinda suffered for it.
Had Miz vs Ambrose and Miz had a promo before. He really is awesome, as per his catchphrase. Was great seeing that in person. Maryse does look like she’s having a lot of fun doing it all.

Main event was Joe/Wyatt vs Balor/Rollins. Was really impressed with Rollins, as I was just a bit meh on him previously. Joe is excellent, hopefully he gets a monster/destroyer type of push, he would do so well as a Bam Bam Bigelow type of guy.


Smackdown wasn’t that great but still enjoyed the night as a whole a lot though. Good main event, good opening segment, and The Fashion Police means it was a net win to make up for the nothing matches that littered the card. Kevin Owens speaking French ‘because he can’ killed me

205 live ,on the other hand, was a lot of fun and enjoyed Ziggler Vs Nakamura and Aiden English (glad he has his old gimmick back) Vs Tye Dillinger a lot


Dillinger vs English might have been my favourite match of the night and “you’re not English” was certainly the best chant. I enjoyed the main event apart from the finish. I guess Jinder had to get the win but he’s so unpolished compared to everyone else in the ring. He even makes Corbin’s execution look semi-decent. I need to go back and watch the Fashion Police segment. Obviously delighted to get Breezango but could only here half of the dialogue due to the singing where we were.

205 was actually pretty great. I’ve not watched it before but the bouts are a good length and everyone worked well. Can’t imagine I’ll start watching the show because there’s already way to much wrestling but I might keep an ear out for particularly good matches.


Adam Cole off to nxt imminently!

And in other news:


anyone watch the shoot interviews?

very trashy but some interesting insights. ICP come across surprisingly well


I met Adam Cole recently at an indy show and asked him if he was going to NXT. He said that he’d only just started in Japan so why would he want to leave that already? When I pushed him a bit more on NXT, he said “never say never”.

As it happens, the Young Bucks were also there and they said they were staying on the indies forever


That’s interesting, and a Cole/Omega feud in New Japan would be absolute money. But I get the impression they’re always out to swerve the fans, everyone from AJ to the Hardys were adamant about staying on the indies right up until they debuted, I think it’s about keeping the mystique as if the Monday night wars were still going.


(sober) kevin nash ones are usually pretty good. xpac too


Chris Jericho’s new song is actually very good in it’s typical cheesy 80s metal way :joy:

That chorus!!


Love how in focus he is compared to the rest of the band


:d its well shit


love the fashion files. breezus going all gene parmesan is a gimmick they should run with


Bout the only hot thing going just now


the maharaja being cruelly overlooked here… but yeah, bit of a shitshow at the minute, on both brands


Imagine bringing nakamura to the roster and not have him wrestle for the first month


No actual issue with it considering the amount of miles already on his clock, he’s only got so many matches in him.
But what they’ve done instead of making him a special event, is stick him in a rubbish mid-card feud for no reason.


It does kinda work though, he needs to be introduced to the more casual crowd before he can go chasing for the title (and he will) and obviously everyone has an opinion on Ziggler, I have high hopes they’ll put on a great match on Sunday which legitimises them both (queue Ziggler going over for some reason)


also tbf Alexa Bliss actually is a goddess, and BRAUUUUUN was doing amazing work with Reigns but that’s fucked now so who knows.


fingers crossed the braun thing is a partial work, in that he comes back in the 4-5 weeks that was originally forecasted so then they can play up the “omg he was supposed to be out for 6 months and is back already, is he even human” angle.