Rolling Wrestling Thread


I’m sure they’ll knock it out the park in the actual match is the thing, but jesus the build’s been embarrassing.



Would anyone be up for a weekly round robin-style rewatch of wrestling PPVs and house shows? Might be fun, idk. We all take it in turns to nominate a show (any promotion, era, only stipulation is you find a streamable link online). Might be quite cool to mix new and old stuff, mainstream and independent, stuff we’ve seen and haven’t, new stuff and classics, etc. Like the post to say you’re roberto mancINi.


Sounds fun, IN!


Think we already more or less know the sort of styles we’ll be asking each other to watch :joy:


day one of bosj is free on njpwworld if anyone wants to see takahashi and dragon lee try and kill themselves / each other (spoiler: it’s v good. there’s a good scurll vs ospreay match too)




Def IN


the observer reporting that kairi hojo isn’t gonna be allowed to use her elbow drop finisher in the fed because it’s bayley’s move. now, I love bayley, but she doesn’t drop bows like this

thing of absolute beauty


Yeah Nash is an interesting talker. Comes across as a bit of a prick a lot of the time, yet I can’t help but quite like him.


Christ, landing on your hip like that can’t be good for you!


oh yeah, he’s deffo a bit of a dickhead but there’s usually some good stuff in between all the self fellating. raven is good too, at least until you’ve heard all his stories


yeah might not be a bad thing for her longterm health that they’re not letting her do it, but still. saw one recently where she’d got her legs so high she was almost fully upside down by the time she connected, ridiculous


Think she lands on her arse and twists out a bit


Dunne v Bates at nxt takeover Chicago last night is a match of the year candidate. Crowd went mental


WWE really got two guys to build a new brand around haven’t they?


uhhhhhh wut


Don’t hinder jinder.

Memed ourselves into a shoot brother


Isn’t Jinder, well, really rubbish?


yeah but now he’s a roidy magoo

It’s purely because WWE signed a big deal in India, but you know what, I’m ok with it. Orton’s a bell and Jinder can do some fun heel work for a month, he won’t be holding it long though