Rolling Wrestling Thread


It actually makes me think Sami Zayn will get a title run soon following his win over Corbyn


Orton nearly killing one of the singh brothers then accidentally breaking the 4th wall was the highlight of the match




Curb Your Enthusiasm theme


another absolute classic in randal’s fourth wall breaking hall of fame, love it


Fucking hell!


He can’t work for toffee but Jinder v Shinsuke might be the first all non-white, non-american wwe title match ever.


The promos would be top notch :joy:


Jinder Mahal is Canadian doe


Well it’s still progress (sort of, kinda)


they certainly alluded to it being a possibility on talking smack



why are middle eastern/asian wrestlers always portrayed as the villains?

oh, yeah right.


not all minorities :wink:

but yeah, Vince/America is racist


Buff Bagwell is well funny


Quite enjoyed Extreme Rules.

I find Ambrose dull as anything and considering how stale his feud with Miz has got I liked their match a lot more than I thought I would. Not a fan of the hokey ref but I did quite like the ending.

The mixed tag was solid enough. Seeing Noam Dar in WWE is still weird. Nice to see Rich Swann get a good reaction. No idea how WWE managed to make somebody as infectious as Swann boring but this match was decent enough.

Forgettable women’s match.

Was falling asleep during the tag match.

Thought the cruiserweight match was really solid. Neville is really shining in his new role. I’ve enjoyed all of the Neville and Aries matches. It feels like time to move on although Neville has never had a really decisive win over him. Perhaps one they can revisit.

Main event was a really fun mad spotfest. Very happy with the winner of it. If Lesnar can be arsed, then a match with Joe could be pretty special.


Joe should definitely go over Lesnar right? Fulfils the exact same role but actually is there.


I reckon Lesnar wins but Joe is booked like a monster, the match should be the two of them kicking the absolute shite out of each other (if lesnar can be bothered)


Not really watched anything recently but reading the raw results from last night I like how they’re pushing joe


Yeah it was a solid ppv, nothing amazing but everything was decent and played well. Enjoyed the inventiveness of The Miz (YOU DESERVE IT), ALEXA looked amazing as ever squashing Bayley like it was Lesnar vs Cena, tag match was a good battle and I am glad about the result, Cruiserweight match was solid as ever and christ what a finish, and main event had lots of cool spots and a deserving winner, can’t complain!