Rolling Wrestling Thread


He’s been amazingly booked since he’s come in, just waiting for the fuck up…


Oh and the mixed tag was mercifully short


Can see them pairing Heyman with Joe. Should work


did you see their segment together? that’s kinda what they suggested before Joe turned on him


joe’s a good promo anyway though, would rather they stuck him with someone who needs a mouthpiece (heyman x balor club please vince!)


Fake turn, turns out he didn’t choke him. Bro.




Was funnier as that botchamania boy with Gallows or Anderson (forget which)


just finished watching dominion, great show. the omega-okada rematch lived up to the hype, naito vs tana was v good, and takahashi vs kushida was an absolute war. the tag / jr tag title matches were both pretty decent too

think the neighbours probably heard me pop for kushida dropkicking the soul out of hiromu


Hardly watch any NJPW but Dominion may well be one of my favourite ever wrestling events.

Okada/Omega was just spectacular. Everything you want from a wrestling match: drama, athleticism, suspense. Amazing stuff.


yeah, all of the marquee matches really delivered. could maybe have structured the match order better as I was feeling a bit burned out going into the main event (soon got over that though).

think that okada/omega match was probably better than the first one. okada is having one of the all time great years, so many ridiculously good (and brutal) matches so far


highlight of mitb was the singh bros clearly not knowing which one of the ringside legends was orton’s dad & almost doing their spot with larry hennig instead


Thought it was a good event tbh.

Men’s mitb match itself was superb, really enjoyed the title match as well. Tag title match was good, women’s mitb was decent until that silly finish. Good event.


yeah I enjoyed it, best main roster ppv for a while I’d say. too many screwy finishes maybe but the matches themselves were mostly good. the women’s mitb finish was shit in the moment but I assume it’s leading to something on tuesday, so I’ll allow it.


I’m right slow with it atm (and will be until they decide to use Nakamura like sensible people) but it seems a lot of the Smackdown ppvs result in people say it’s the best in ages. Happened at Backlash when AJ won the title too, and to a lesser extent Elimination Chamber.
Doesn’t seem to translate to the weekly shows very often though.


Favourite wrestling weapon:

  • Steel chair
  • Ladder
  • Table
  • Rubbish bin
  • Little detachable metal steps on side of ring
  • Announcer’s microphone
  • Baseball bat
  • MDF stick
  • Barbed Wire
  • Thumbtacks
  • Staple gun
  • Glass sheet

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It’s the mic because they never know quite how to hit with it safely so often bust each other open with it, plus the great noise, and optional strangling with the lead.

After that the quite hilariously flimsy bins because they just seem to flatten instantly, and sometimes they end up wearing them.

Award for most annoying: sledgehammer. Completely defies belief, awkward looking and impractical. Rubbish.


The microphone is second for me, because its always sort of unexpected and is usually the postscript to some cringeworthy ‘argument’.


I meant since mania really. didn’t think backlash was that great really, although that might just me being a bit fatigued as it seemed like there was a ppv every week for a while there. agree that the weekly shows are mostly rubbish right now, can’t remember the last time I watched a full one


big fan of the comedy STOP roadsigns they used to use