Rolling Wrestling Thread


There was a while there around the Attitude era where they were really into fire extinguishers too, and nobody could use them safely and it almost always ended up farcically and blocking everyone’s view. Magic.


TV screens!


Can’t beat the sound of a good chair shot IMO.


Chain link fence in the Mississippi River


big show’s giant chair obvs the GOAT


argh how could I forget. TV screen was my favourite weapon in the ps2 wwf game.

fucking hell, the commentary is still burned into my head. WHAT WILL THE OUTCOME OF THIS MATCH BE?!


"THE ROCK!!! is really a nice person.
“We’re really excited for this… SINGLE MATCH!”



never watched that scene long enough to notice the car reversing itself out of the arena.


He was a bizarrely overpowered character too, extremely quick (alarmingly so considering the real life counterpart)





Vince McMahon… I don’t get it!!!


“Iwillsnapyoulike-a-twig” - Kane, famously through an electric voicebox.


I thought it was about average.

I think the title picture is really dragging things down though. I know they’re trying hard to build up Jinder but I’m really finding it hard to see him as a credible champion beating the likes of AJ and Orton after years as a jobber. His character work is ok but his matches are just so forgettable


I liked the women’s mitb finish and popped for it, think both winners were smart choices who need it the most tbh


Baron Jeremy Corbin’s probably going to hold onto the briefcase for aaaaaaaages too, Jinder’s going to be the heel champ at least through the Summer by my reckoning and Big Banter needs a lot of time to develop particularly on the mic.


or maybe jinder’s TIME IS UP

(probably not. a couple of years ago they absolutely would’ve jobbed him out immediately to cena though wouldn’t they)


With good reason tbqfh


Despite not having the title, Corbyn is looking like he’s on the rise. Meanwhile, titleholder Mayhal is having to rely on dodgy deals to hold onto his position.