Rolling Wrestling Winter Wrestling thread (featuring WK13 and the Royal Rumble!) R.I.P Mean Gene


Eddie Dennis is legit really tall I think, about 6’5 but he’s lanky as hell. Also not very good IMO. Edit: I just realised you said weight not height.

Takeover was pretty decent, particularly the first match but the weekly show is boring as fuck. It’s so bland.


impressive he could throw mastiff around a bit in fairness to the guy but yeah can’t say I’m a fan

agree about the weekly show. I’ll check out any matches that seem rated on twitter / wreddit but in general seems like there are too many joseph connors on the roster and not enough pete dunnes


Mysterio vs Andrade (who is the latest victim to lose part of his name) was great on SmackDown this week for anyone who normally skips it




Sounds like the last two episodes have been much improved


yeah if anything they’re struggling to fit everyone in week to week which is a good sign