Rolling Wrestling Winter Wrestling thread : R.I.P King Kong Bundy


Oesprey and the ZSJ matches are amazing. I probably shouldve waited because the stream I’m using is suffering from intense server load XD


One of the spoilers i’m half expecting to see in the next 24 hours is Ibusihi doing a moonsault off the Dome or something.


I love how Evil Synadas Sythe just gets more and more ridiculous


Who’s the English colour commentator?


Probably Marty isn’t it. Sounds weird outside of promos.


Just read the results. I thought the elite wasn’t a thing but Marty is teaming with ex bullet club guys stil.




New champs


Sounds like a South Park character


I took a nap, has anyone retained yet? That Jericho match was fantastic


It’s Chris Charlton - the guy who translates the Japanese wrestler quotes on Twitter. Wish he’d leave the main comms to Kelly and Callis.


Undertale nerd!!!}!


didnt know Marty Scurli went on Take Me Out


Wow, clean sweep


Thought the main event started a bit pants but it built well into a great finish



From reading the results and comments seems like the worst one in years.


It was fine
Started and Ended well but middle of the pack was a much bigger slog than usual.


Apparently WWE have made a big offer for Kenny Omega.


New Years dash is free on new japan world at 10.30


They’re pushing jay white to the moon.