Rolling Wrestling Winter Wrestling thread : R.I.P King Kong Bundy


Sounds loke AEW is offering some serious money contracts, like WWE money serious


My friend won the Triple Crown last night. Shame it was for the local promotion (IWE) and not AJPW so no photos of him drinking a beer with three titles draped over him a la Big Van Vader

Day of Sun.

Watched Royal Rumble 1999 again for like the 100th time


of course you did


Genuinely my favourite match ever that


I will never forgive Kane for eliminating himself like that


I do love the crowd gasping though

I forgot how much Mabel.cleared house!


I know it would be better to see him in AEW in the long run but I’d pop so much if he entered the rumble


Is everyone certain he’s going to one of these?

He lives in Japan and seems to love it. I haven’t watched the NJPW Tokyo Dome show yet, so I guess there might have been a big indication there that he was definitely gonna leave.


He’s been hinting to a move for a while now and WWE are really keen on signing him, and have been for a while, and by all accounts AEW will be able to afford him to. The fact he lost his title adds to the speculation and his contract is up at the end of January. He has been featured on the WWE network and he said this in an interview over the summer

WWE right now has a very great collection of talent. I would feel like it’s a missed opportunity if I couldn’t work with them at some point.

Dave Meltzer said, just prior to WK, that WWE had just offered Omega a very impressive and generous offer.

I personally expect him to be with AEW or WWE by Feb


Kenny definitely leaving new Japan then

WWE should tease him entering the rumble, then bring out Kenny from the spirit squad or something


AEW announcement thing in 5 minutes.

Lots of talk around PAC and a big secret name

Live stream here




Jericho :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Can someone give me a basic ass summary pls



Jericho was obvious. Makes me think Omega is going to WWE. Just makes sense to me to announce him asap and kill the Rumble speculation (even though Kenny is under contract until the 31st)


Yeah after that it makes me think Omega and Kushida are going to WWE


KUSHIDA is almost 100% to WWE isn’t he?

Not so sure about Kenny. NJPW were apparently very unhappy that he said he was leaving in an interview instead of telling them directly he wasn’t renewing which just seems a bit weird to me, and makes me think he is possibly fucking with people and will still be in NJPW in some way going forward, possibly non-exclusively with some AEW deal too.


Kushida in NXT will be good fun, wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a surprise entrant in the rumble though either