Rolling Wrestling Winter Wrestling thread : R.I.P King Kong Bundy


Kenny will go to all elite.
He’s fucking with NJPW to get them to work with AEW


Is he big enough to be a rumble entrant? I’m not sure he is a name like AJ was


He is nowhere near as big as AJ was, but that said if WWE wanted to make out he was a bigger deal than he actually is he is definitely good enough that they could they away with it.

Does he actually finish with NJPW before the Rumble though?


According to the internet - no


not only that but isn’t he also fighting Tanahashi like one day after the Rumble?


I appreciate I could check this using the internet.


nah, they’ll show him sat in the crowd at takeover mania weekend or something



Weird how all wrestlers look the same now isn’t it. 90% of the roster is white bearded guys who look like they’re going for the “cool heel” look


Wrestlers are always about 5-7 years behind fashion so they’ll be sporting beards for a few more years yet.


Weird how there’s no babyfaces for nxt uk


Will never get over the novelty of live graps at 7pm


I haven’t really seen any of NXT UK yet, am I missing out? Will definitely watch Takeover later on.


Its still findimlng its footing but now theyve established a couple divisions its been a really good watch


This crowd is on fire


That opening match, wow


Peaked early, the first 2 matches were stellar. The rest of the ccard was also very enjoyable but the main event felt a bit aimless in places. Good first Takeover, some really big moves that probably wouldnt see the light of day on regular wwe tv


I’m only just getting round to watching the Tokyo Dome show. Is everyone happy about the Ospreay/Ibushi finish? A running elbow to the back of Ibushi’s head. That’s the sort of thing that’s gonna make Ibushi forget the names of his grandchildren.


uk takeover was pretty good. tag match was an absolute banger and the main event was good despite them being a bit out of sync with each other throughout. peter looking alarmingly jaundiced these days though, hope it’s just a weird spray tan or something.

can’t take eddie dennis seriously as a monster when his billed weight is the same as bret hart. they need to sign some actual proper big lads I reckon …like walter. him vs dunne will be fucking lit.

anyone watch the nigel doco on the fedwork? any good?


Its great