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I am not into this at all.


Never eaten it hot, not enamoured by the idea, probably won’t try it


Hmm. I’ve had it warm in salads etc, but not fully hot/cooked.

I’d be open to trying it.


I used to be a bit allergic to avocado - made my mouth itch. Doesn’t seem to anymore.

We have a childrens book called avocado baby - probably the strangest kids book we own.

If you need to make guacamole but you only have very firm, unripe avocados - try microwaving them. The flavour isn’t nearly as good as a truly ripe avocado but it will do in a guac emergency.




Did you have the same reaction to bananas and kiwi fruit?



not so much bananas - maybe VERY unripe ones.

seem to be ok these days.


Pineapples sometimes make my tough go tingly, but that’s not an allergic reaction - it’s because pineapple contains an enzyme that tenderizes flesh (it’s why you often use pineapple juice when preparing steak).

I think that’s quite common.


Pineapples make my tongue BLEED.
I do have a geographical tongue tho.




It’s when the surface of the tongue replaces itself and leaves a red/white pattern that looks like a map.

The new flesh can be very tender to citrus and spice.


sounds :confounded:


never had hot avocado before but love it in all other forms so would be willing to try.

thanks for your time.


Avocado is ok at best in it’s normal form, I think it would be disgusting hot.


THIS is what i’m after. Thanks Ant.


Make a sort of pesto with it at least once a fortnight and have with pasta. Big favourite at chez balonz.


Not keen on that either sorry.


Sort of pesto? Avocado? You’ve gone too far mate.


Ooh, ooh, ooh! Thought it was just me being a bit of a weird one, but I’m allergic to bananas - makes my mouth and throat go all itchy like - get the same with apples too. Didn’t realise it was an actual thing.

Fine with avocado and latex though.