Rolo Tomassi - TWD&LWBI


Just want to let it be known… Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It by Rolo Tomassi is a very very good album. That is all


To get properly scientific results, I think this should be a poll:

  • Gish — Smashing Pumpkins
  • Siamese Dream — Smashing Pumpkins
  • Machina — Smashing Pumpkins

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I’d have to say The Best Of The Smashing Pumpkins


Can’t get past track 3 of this album - can’t get on board with that throaty screaming shit. Shame as it otherwise sounded decent.


Poor choice of thread title here… in my defence I was fairly drunk at the time… @moderators if anyone can be arsed please change thread title to Rolo Tomassi - TWD&LWBI… if not, it’s no biggie




Yeah it’s absolutely immense. A Flood of Light, Aftermath and Contretemps are the standouts for me, but it’s solid the whole way through. Eva’s screaming is fantastic.




It’s legit an early contender for my album of the year at this point, genuinely think it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done, it’s well written, incredibly emotive and just generally immense.




I can’t stop listening to it! At first I thought it was maybe on par with Grievances but after listening for about a month solid I’d say it’s overtaken it now. They’re the only band I can truly say have got better with each release


Totally agree with both points here. After a week or two of listening I was still thinking that Grievances would remain bestest, but over time TWD&LWBI has surpassed it. And yes, better and better with each record. With Astraea and then Grievances I wasn’t sure how they’d top them, but they only went and did.


Now my reply looks a total non sequitur! (which, tbd, is par for the course on DiS)


Yup, I’d be pretty amazed if it’s not on my albums of the year, an absolute stomper of an album.


one more for the Wow This Is A Very Good Album Team.



This album is great, listening to it AGAIN (like the 10th time in a week) I love how much ground it covers whilst never sounding like a collage ideas, it all sounds very cohesive and the songs are over in a flash despite their long running times.

IMO their best album, certainly their most ambitious and approachable.


Am i the only one who misses the nintendocore? This one hasnt really clicked with me yet.


Nah the bleeps were a bit silly. I think theyre maturing as a band in the right way . quite nice how Rolo seem like theyre becoming a big deal again


Just had a look at the listening trends for the band on, and for what it’s worth, they currently have more listeners than any other point between 2012 and now. By quite a large margin, good stuff :slight_smile: Especially as I imagine the site isn’t nearly as active as it used to be. It’s their most reviewed/rated album on as well, by a large margin, so it deffo seem’s to be their most successful release to date in terms of getting attention and listeners.