Rolo Tomassi - TWD&LWBI


Just find them a bit formulaic/dull now i guess.


They were excellent when I saw them last month and the stuff from this album sounded best - the way she can switch between the clean and screamed vocals is incredible. Also thought it was quite a sweet when brother and sister were both screaming away side by side.


Same. One of my favourite things they’ve ever done is the breakdown in this where it sounds like someone’s chucking a keyboard down the stairs


Anyone going to the Scala tonight? I’m very excited. I’ll be the one dressed like I’ve just come from work. What a nerd.


I too will be dressed like I just came from work. Because I will have.

I should have packed a hardcore t-shirt, I’ll stand out enough just being old :smiley:


Very disappointed to be missing this one. Last two gigs at the Borderline and the Garage were so good.



I fully intended to bring I change of clothes and I fully forgot. Maybe I will buy merch. Merch will save me.


You should definitely try and get down in time to watch Cassus, who you should definitely be listening to if you like heavy music.


Going to check these out… I know you don’t love the direction Rolo have gone in but you’ve put me onto a few goodies on the heavy thread so I trust these are worth a look


Probably not going to make them, but loving the album. Thanks :smiley:


If only I lived in (or around) that there London I’d be all over this. I live in Aberdeen ffs. Saw them last year (or maybe the year before, can’t mind) supporting FOTL in Glasgow and (for my money) they stole the show. Would be so so so up for seeing them on this album though. FUCKING SO UP FOR IT


Happy not to hear how good they were at the Scala tonight. :frowning:


You would have hated it…


Good. Awful band. Worst album of the year by some distance.