Roly poly

  • A forward roll
  • Rolling down a hill on your side

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Oh thank goodness

I thought I’d been getting it wrong all these years

Turns out it’s just my mate, and @Octobadger who are wrong

jam roly poly is when you get stuck half way

A forward roll is actually a ‘forward roll’.


Jam- and suet-based dessert


rolling down a hill on your side is too basic an act to deserve a name


Actually growing up we called a forward roll a head over heels.

And a roly poly was the hill one. It’s the one in need of a short name isn’t it. Let it have one.


Instead of rolling down a hill on your side so often that you need a snappy name for it, consider instead: not

Why not?

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Waste of gravity

one of the worst desserts

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Roly poly is the sideways thing.

Forward roll is called a gambol.


Get fucked, it’s possibly the optimum custard delivery system

Remember the Roly Poly Goalie?

as one component said to the other, im too hot for this

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who are you asking?

Anyone really

a forward roll is called a “tumble”

Okay, I remember him yes

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