Looking at a 10 day trip in April, and Romania looks like a contender. Seems like a few days in Bucharest then up to Bucegi to do some hiking are the immediate tempters.

Anyone been and got any tips or big opinions? Definitely looking to do a decent amount of outdoors stuff and hiking on the trip but probably won’t have a car.

It’s great. Probably one of my favourite countries. Friendly people, beautiful countryside. I wasn’t that fussed on Bucharest, but Cluj and Iasi are really good fun if you happen to be going in the vicinity of either of those. I can’t really advise on hiking, though, I’m afraid, as I’ve always stuck more to the cities (other than on trains between them).


It’s a lovely country. We really liked Bucharest and drove up to Brazos for snowboarding. It’s old down is lovely.
We went out to see Dracula’s castle as well which is a fun few hours.
That’s about all I’ve go though.


Brasov is great to spend a couple of days.
There’s a bear sanctuary not too far from there which is amazing
Sighisoara is really pretty. Has those houses with windows that look like eyes. Get a taxi driver or coach to drive you through the Transfagarasan

Id looove to go back and spend a couple of weeks around the danube delta looking at wildlife and that but have heard it’s not easy without a car


Went a few years back and loved it - been meaning to go back for ages. If I was doing a fresh itinerary, I would train it from Bucharest to Budapest I think, doing stops in the Transylvanian Alps, Cluj (where a friend of mine now lives but I’ve not been to) and Timisoara (where the revolution started, for fans of modern history).

When I went last time, spent a few days in Bucharest then trained it up to Brasov and then did various hikes/explorations around Rasnov and Bran. Then trained over to Constanta and spent a few days in Mamaia. The Black Sea coast is very beautiful. After that, we then headed on to Moldova which is obviously a different trip but was AMAZING. Recommend Moldova to everyone if you get the chance.

Travel-wise, did mostly everything on the train which was super easy with a little bit of bus thrown in. Would not be super keen on driving as some of the roads look pretty sketchy, particularly up in the mountains :grimacing:

EDIT: this is an entertaining read if you wanted to get in the mood…