Ronaldo (trigger warning)



Absolutely – the trial will certainly not hinge solely on the questionnaire. There are loads of issues (whether Ms Mayorga is entitled to bring the action at all given the settlement agreement, other issue relating to admissibility of evidence, etc). However, the questionnaire essentially has Ronaldo admitting guilt (that Ms Mayorga told him ‘no’ repeatedly and he carried on is pretty much the definition of rape). Most cases of this nature are essentially one person’s account of an event vs another’s, with no witnesses, so to have what amounts to a defendant’s admission of guilt is very rare. So while the trial certainly would not hinge solely on the questionnaire, if Ms Mayorga’s lawyers can find a way of getting the judge to admit it, it should be determinative. If they can’t, it is certainly not the end of the matter, though.


I’ve seen them take quite a lot of flack over this and I just want to say, quite fucking right.




“an elaborate and deliberate defamation campaign [which I endorse by committing an awful crime and then admitting to it in subsequent legal proceedings]”


F all YIs the news story has been updated with more detail.

He/his lawyers are saying the signed document was forged/doctored and he never admitted anything