Rorschach tests

Ok come in, have a seat. It’s time to be evaluated.

Now I’m going to show you some cards, and I’d like you to tell me what you see. Just say the first thing that comes into your mind, there are no right or wrong answers here.


Answers in comments below, please.

BITT asked me to make this thread so politely I had to oblige.


The Rorschach is a little old test where

We can get together



Has there ever been a greater game mod than the “two bears high fiving” mod in Fallout: New Vegas?

  1. Batman
  2. Shocked Pikachu
  3. Corset
  4. Frog with a big cock
  5. Butterfly with big wings
  6. Spaceship
  7. Bruce Forsyth chin-butting his own twin
  8. Lizards crawling up a muscly guy’s back
  9. Seahorses on a fairground ride.
  10. Two guys fighting using lobsters as weapons

I’ll tell you what I see, and then you can decide whether I should be kept in for further observation

  1. Two baby deers playing sweet jazz on the sax
  2. Pair of old ladies in tall hats dancing
  3. X-ray of a human pelvis
  4. Approaching Lovecraftian incomprehensible monster in the distance
  5. Moth (what else?)
  6. Literally fucking nothing, just a blot of ink on some paper, the worst of the lot
  7. A whale’s jawbone
  8. Tiger in the evening sun checking out his reflection in a river (side on)
  9. Elephant and antelope reflected in water (not looking at reflections, just going on with business)
  10. Eiffel Tower in a fireworks display
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4, 7, and 10 have done me :smile:

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  1. 2 Pikachu holding hands
  2. 2 little gnome or elf characters dancing
  3. a swordfight
  4. creepy monster
  5. bat, obv
  6. rocket taking off
  7. 2 thumbs up
  8. flowers
  9. unicorns
  10. narwhals kissing
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Saying the word Rorschach

  • Easy for me to do
  • Not too bad
  • Difficult to say

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Hi these are all vulvas


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Oh! Yes, you’re definitely right about 6, I do see that


Looking forward to @Konichiwa_Bitches telling us about ourselves based on our results


1 Babadook
2 Babadook
3 Babadook
4 Babadook
5 Babadook
6 Babadook
7 Babadook
8 Babadook
9 Babadook
10 Babadook


I’ve analysed your results, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re very sick. The only known cure is to sign up to my Patreon for $49.99 a month.


1. A preaching butterfly
2. The ghost of Zangief
3. Two butlers lifting a coffon
4. Ram monster with the heads of fallen penguins sewed onto his helmet.
5. Flying rabbit
6. Nothing
7. Two rabbits joined ass to ass
8. Two red ferret tailors hanging a dress on a bone hanger.
9. Mixed meat platter
10. Nothing.


Why is Mert so dangerous that I get this little alert icon? I’ve never seen this before

For real though

1 The Undertaker
2 high fiving elves
3 thin fellas putting butterflies into a skull
4 entrance to a massive intimidating building
5 moth
6 go on Jamesy, rock it man!
7 thumbs up / Sigur Ros
8 bears climbing a tree
9 deers
10 horrible insects everywhere

Tag me coward

No! I’m very worried of you now

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