Rorschach tests

  1. Bat
  2. Two babies playing pattercake
  3. Chickens dancing
  4. Elephant running straight towards you
  5. the bat’s back again.
  6. Christmas Tree
  7. The head of a beetle
  8. Robot head
  9. A fox wearing a mask
  10. two blue giant crabs approaching the Eiffel tower in the spring time.

This Rorschach test gets me too aroused to be unblurred


Pierot clowns high fiving
two people pulling apart an animal carcass, but joyfully
the devil
a moth
a sick metal guitar morphing into an animal skin rug
rabbits pressing their bums together
wolverines climbing up a false colour torso
dave from kipo and the age of the wonderbeasts

  1. Black metal duo wave to the crowd after a banging set in their fancy winged cloaks
  2. Garden gnomes doing a lil do si do
  3. Snake face markings/nostrils
  4. Bat chilling out upside down
  5. Moth
  6. Sword being plunged into ice
  7. Antlers
  8. Rainbow samurai
  9. Dragon admiring itself in the mirror
  10. Two Victorian sea coppers take acid and try to solve a sea-based crime
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5 is moth

  1. Evil inquisition Cardinal casting a poisoned fog
  2. Darth Vader messing around with clown make up
  3. Two men releasing a butterfly from a clay pot
  4. 2000 AD Badger in a huge cyborg/predator/terminator type outfit
  5. Moth
  6. An Ibis in a rather bedraggled pale imitation of Badger’s kick arse cyborg outfit
  7. Two rabbits face-to-face, staring into each other’s eyes & bumping uglies
  8. Pink sloths climbing tropical foliage
  9. Seahorses bumping uglies and cum-fogging the water
  10. Enchantment under the sea dance around a coral reef

This is good stuff, would love to know more about them

I can’t believe you asked me to make this thread so you could post this sort of smut

  1. Spatchcock bat
  2. Twerking gnomes
  3. Sexy midriff
  4. Big tower on fire
  5. Bunny in a batman suit
  6. Spaceship launch
  7. Double thumbs up (possibly combined with a wave, no way of knowing)
  8. Bears going up a mountain
  9. Langoustine explosion
  10. Mermaid carrying a load of seafood
  1. Ribcage
  2. Lungs
  3. A Coven
  4. Vulva
  5. Mothman
  6. Leopard
  7. Photocopy of a butt
  8. Coat of arms
  9. Dragon in flames
  10. Crushed rat
  1. Mothman bowing down in worship
  2. Bearded face with bloody eyes and blood dripping from their mouth
  3. Two dancers bowing to each other
  4. Godzilla from the perspective of lying on the ground about to be crushed as its tail drags over you
  5. Boring old moth
  6. Sick spiky guitar
  7. Conjoined twins about to kiss each others mouths
  8. Two pink chameleons climbing up a skinned torso
  9. Dragon face breathing fire
  10. Dolphins holding hands watching fireworks over the Eiffel Tower

Someone who is good at psychology pls diagnose this. My family is dying.


1 An Archangel ascending while also pulling in clouds around them to create a vortex to the new world
2 Red Pandas with explosive diarrhea
3 The Oxford and Cambridge debating presidents fighting over who gets to take my kidney
4 The evil clouds that killed the parents in James and the Giant Peach
5 The Butterfly prophet come to save the caterpillar heathens
6 Route 66
7 The splitting of Pangaea
8 Bears inspecting a giant’s corsette
9 Watership Down but with a happy ending
10 The French Revolution

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  1. demon’s pelvis

  2. two decapitated dogs hi-fiveing with arms coming out of their noses

  3. two people getting ready to fuck holding onto a sundial

  4. nothing just some bullshit

  5. sad superhero called mothman about to jump off a building to their death

  6. creep in a big coat

  7. sick mayoral chain

  8. two panthers climbing up on death to cheer him up

  9. wizard duel, they’re casting spells with wands to make that evil green cloud appear

  10. delicious salad

Hey, you’re the one posting the smutty pictures

1 bat
2 period pelvis
3 period pelvis
4 rat skin (the kind you get pinned as a biology specimen)
5 moth
6 skin but from that cartoon angry beavers
Angry Beavers Nicksplat GIF by NickRewind
7 a jaw
8 turtle shell
9 sunrise
10 legendary pokemon

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  1. It is being speckled by first few drops of impenetrable black ink, and sooner or later the rest of the bottle will inevitably come gushing down in pursuit.
  2. I can see it, smell it - spectral residents, iron fortresses stretching out into the sky.
  3. Ten billion dots of phosphorescent light arrayed as toothpaste commercials and puerile fantasies…
  4. politicians,
  5. preachers,
  6. whores,
  7. hippies,
  8. liars

That’s the track titles for my next LP sorted. Thanks @scout! :+1:t3: