Rory is a better name

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  • For a lion
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Ruaridh the Tuaridh


I love the name Rory. Would name my kid Rory if I had one.


For a Tory lion

If I had a child I’d name them Darth.

Party on, Darth!


Party on Rory

no exclamation mark, so this seems a little downbeat.

¡Party on Rory¡


I’d like to apologise to all Spanish communities for this post

But there’s the thing where if someone has done something bad you couldn’t give your kid the same name. I mean it’s not like calling your kid Adolf, but I couldn’t name a child Rory after reading this:

I wonder if there are any DiSers called Rory


surname barker

  • better for a person
  • better for a dog

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Don’t think so, no @rory

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Nina the cat’s vet has her surname listed as mine.

I have got friends with the surname Barker, but they don’t have any pets.

Assume all lions are Tories anyway. Naming themselves king and all that doesn’t seem a very comradely thing to do.


You could have just not told me this and I’d never know.
Who even is Rory Mcgrath?!

Male lions are really sexist

Think Attenborough once said they were all about pride as well. One of the deadly sins, isn’t it. Terrible animals.

I know, and I kind of regret posting now. Sorry.

He’s (was?) a comedian - Back in the 80s he was in Whose Line Is It Anyway, and then in the 90s he was in They Think It’s All Over.

I guess he’s not actually part of your cultural landscape given that you’re a few (ahem) years younger than me.