So after doing a bit of reading I think that the eye ‘allergy’ and the facial rash I’ve had this year might be (ocular) rosacea. I’m going to see my GP about it but I’m working if anyone else has had it and has any advice about what causes it to flare / what helps it?

My mate has it and he’s traced it down to alcohol but he isn’t about to stop drinking so he just lives with it. Not much help, sorry.

I rarely drink so I don’t think that it’s that (not the main cause anyway). I haven’t been able to notice a pattern to it so far so I probably need to do an elimination thing to work it out.

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Yeah I’ve seen that suggested, I think they work through anti inflammatory affect rather than it being an infection. Definitely need to see my GP - pharmacists weren’t willing to offer anything at all.

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I had rosacea for the first time ever last winter, cold weather seems to bring it on for me. I use a combination of The Ordinary’s azelaic acid and a prescribed metronidazole cream which works!

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i was treated for it for a bit. got some topical stuff that burned in quite an unpleasant way but did sort it. i got brushed off with the old ‘stress, alcohol, lifestyle’ thing and then my gp made a quip about it being a woman’s problem. :man_shrugging:


Apparently I fit the criteria to a T - 30-50s Caucasian west of Scotland woman with a bit of stress and already sensitive skin.


“it’s down to alcohol”
“so it’s completely incurable then doctor?”


Yeah, that’s probably the best idea. A mate of mine had it and was eventually prescribed antibiotics and it’s definitely improving now.

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I just (periodically) have facial roseacea, never had any problems with my eyes, but antibiotics usually work when it flares up - the most recent ones I had were oxytetracycline which I thought worked faster than most but they all tend to clear it up.

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Yeah I would go to the GP. When I had bad rosacea I needed a cream and prescription pills that I took every day for months. That was alcohol related though so could be quote different.

In any case I hope it gets better soon, it sucks

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Thanks everyone, I wasn’t sure if it was something that my GP would take seriously but sounds like it is. Annoyingly it’s not that bad right now - should’ve taken pictures at its worst!

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People go to the GP about things like this all the time. :slight_smile:

I have it, I have no idea what makes it flare up to be honest :confused: I drink lots, I eat spicy food, I do all the wrong things, it just seems to come and go, I haven’t had an issue for a while. I believe this is mainly down to having a cream I got from the doctor that I apply when it starts to show and that helps to keep it at bay. When I first started my new job the air conditioning seemed to really bother it :confused:

When I first found out I had it I also changed some of my make-up (foundation and concealer) from liquid to mineral - I’m not sure if this made any difference but it felt less cakey, a lot more light, when I was having a break out. The most recent moisturiser I bought has an spf which they always say is good for people who have rosacea because sun exposure = bad.

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I don’t wear any concealer and I don’t think I’m getting much sun right now :wink:.

Will be interesting to see if going abroad makes it worse.