Anyone going to the o2 tonight? Was too rich for my blood but keeping my eyes peeled for a last minute bargain.

i have a (seated) ticket i can’t use anymore if you’d be interested, section 110 row C, it was £90 but i’ll frankly sell it for half that if you want it

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as someone who doesn’t live in the UK I am fascinated to know how popular Rosalía is there. She doesn’t seem that popular, going on chart appearances. But the O2 is a very big venue. (Then again, I don’t think it is sold out and it is her only UK date.)

She’s had no chart or radio hits here outside of popular streaming songs. One night at the O2 is about the right size given the amount of Spanish speaking ex pats in London and the fact she’s generally quite a big pop name.

thank you!

Was looking at the chart history of latin artists last year, just to see how big some of the bigger artists fare. Man, we don’t listen to much urbano AT ALL. The Despacito effect did not reach the UK!

(this was written last year on another forum, so may have changed since)

J Balvin has a couple of singles that charted, one of them is because of the Dua Lipa feature and that only charted at 72. Rosalia has charted just once and again, a feature from Travis Scott is what got her there (although she’s a newer artist, so not too surprising). And Bad Bunny has only one song that has ever charted and, yet again, that was only because of a Drake feature. And he’s the probably the biggest pop star in the world right now! The only one I could find with a moderate bit of success was Daddy Yankee, but he still only has three songs charted and there was a 10/11 year gap between them.

And none of them have had an album chart. Which just blows my mind. I thought that maybe there would be a bit more presence than there is, but no. I guess there’s more “we speek engerlish over 'ere” types influencing the charts than I thought haha


We wouldnt know how popular she is outside of London as she doesn’t bother playing anywhere else.
Love, a disgruntled northerner who wants to see her live xx

Titi Me Pregunto not charting at all feels wild to me. Inescapable in the US and the whole of the Spanish speaking world, 1 billion streams on Spotify in half a year or so. Didn’t scrape the lower reaches of the UK chart. Guess very little foreign language music ever really makes a dent in the UK, but given how popular reggaeton is everywhere, and how easily accessible music is right now, you’d think it’d at least register a tiny bit


It’s hard I guess because there’s just so much English speaking music in so many different genres, and I’d guess a much smaller Latin population in the UK.

But one of the reasons I love Rosalía is she feels like a truly global artist to me, there’s plenty of familiar references to grab hold of, which to me makes the language barrier less of a thing. And she’s a joy to watch. In her case I am surprised she’s not made a bigger dent.

And tbh the last two Bad Bunny albums are decent (if too long). Sonically really interesting. But just don’t hear him on the radio here, when actually he’d fit pretty well.


Wish I was at this tonight but I can’t make it. Very keen to see reports back!

They are both the kind of artists who I think would really benefit here from a nice big televised Glasto slot. You’d think both could be pretty epic Other Stage / West Holts headliners.

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Same. I saw her at Somerset House years ago, was incredible. The Spanish speaking crowd (prob at least 50%) singing every word back at her was amazing.

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It was a really good night, thanks again to @badmanreturns for the ticket.


How have I never seen this before tonight?


This sounds great but not sure about all the upside down and sideways stuff! :upside_down_face:


Yes yes yes!