Rosberg's retired




Hope this also means he can’t nip out and drive to the shops for some milk or whatever


real sports only on the new boards please


that reminds me…


Pretty good championship winning :microphone:drop by the german lad




The time when


so when Ocon was annouced as a force india driver everyone thought it was weird as he’s less experienced than wehrlein, but now it looks like wehrlein could be the one to step up. he’s german, a mercedes junior driver and did fairly well this season and hasn’t been announced officially as staying at manor…


Not Rosberg! FFS 2016.


About fucking time.


This year!!! WHY GOD WHY???


Really surprised by this, he’s still young. I didn’t particularly like much about him as a driver but he’s clearly a talented lad, could definitely win another championship, not like he’s peaked.

But on the flip side, perhaps he’s thought along the lines of ‘fuck this pressure, I’ve won it, I’m minted, I’m going to spend time with the family’ and if that’s the case then fair play to the boy.


Not much of a fan of F1 cos it’s dull as fuck but I’m a fan of this move by rosberg, it’ll piss Hamilton off no end!
Like beating yer pal at pro evo/Fifa and then vowing never to play again!