Roscoe & Marlon and the Deathly Hallows, pt 2


MARLON: Wait a minute Roscoe what is a hallows?

ROSCOE: According to a dictionary a saint or holy person.

MARLON: Can’t be very deathly then can they. I reckon I could deck a saint or holy person

ROSCOE: Yes I think this threat has been negated by logic


ROSCOE: This is a bad start


MARLON: why do I exist
ROSCOE: There is no meaning to life
MARLON: I want to die
ROSCOE: no, because then we couldn’t have these threads

why do you do this?




Please never stop doing this.


all the haters are just jealous, man

not entirely sure why but they are definitely scalded with the burning fingers of envy

either that or they think it’s shite


Marlon and Roscoe is my favourite thing in the world. If someone could compile the posts from DiS 2.0 that would be incredible. Can’t lose those.


whats good about Marlon and Roscoe? Why does it exist?


It makes me utterly howl with laughter and I appreciate mute-branches’ absolute dedication to the skit as well.


These aren’t funny


I was playing THE X FILES: RESIST OR SERVE on ps2 the other day and there was a dead guy called roscoe. That is all.


it’s more about what they’re saying about the human condition


they say nothing :frowning:


Do one.

Speaking of which, @manches-brute - where is part 1, pls? Yours in fandom, Wza.


Ah well, fuck off then.


Fuck off you massive Apple pie







I’m a drank man sorry


all good take care :blush:


Woah here comes pinkybrain with his 3am #hottakes once again.