Ross from friends

The meanness to Jerry gets pretty horrible


Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing


Yeah tell that to the poor fish

I was talking about the fish


I mean it’s only fair that if Friends is being criticised for things from aroind 25 years ago then stuff on Shooting Stars and Fast Show is too

Ted Lasso fits the bill on this.

Edit: apart from them all being massively wealthy sports people.

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Watched all the Fast Show through again not that long ago and it’s actually aged pretty well for the most part.


yeah, fair


I don’t have any issues with the criticism, but pretty jaded at the idea that we now live in the enlightened times which I’m sure people will look back in horror on in thirty years time.

Plus presumably friends is still being broadcast because there are even now no shortage of people lapping it up. My niece was addicted to it as a teen and she’s only 18 now.


Tbh, the problem is that’s not really his arc, it’s just throwaway rushed stuff at the end. He actually goes through quite a long arc with relationships with Quinn and Robin and seems to become a better - if still sometimes gross - person.

Then in the last episode he:

  • reverts to his old womanising ways
  • revels in sleeping with a different woman every day for a month
  • finds out he made someone pregnant
  • starts slut shaming as a consequence.

That’s not an arc, it’s a throwaway resolution for a character who’s learnt nothing.


Fair enough, I can’t say I’ve seen it in forever myself

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The guy’s (portrayed as) a narcissist through - I just find it difficult to believe there could be any kind of “positive” ending for him. At least the rest of them are kinda just… people, where you can at least see them learning a bit (although tbh, even that stagnates as a thing as the series goes on)

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Not the longest period of time to elapse, from being a teen to a teen!

Well quite. I don’t know if she still watches it. But she’s not a monster and is presumably aware of all the objections people are raising here.

Fresh Prince


This, it is much more progressive than its contemporaries


The malcolm in the middle family are generally (trying to be) decent people iirc


Rewatched it for comfort over the first lockdown and was really touched by how thoughtful and sincere it gets, especially in the early season. Amazing how it pulls it off in tandem with the silly goofy humour.


And Nathan.

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Hugely this. We’ve rewatched it recently as something we thought we could watch relatively appropriately in front of the kids. What put me off more than anything was the constant references to porn. Like way, way more than I remember. Decided to switch it up for something more wholesome!

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